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Ever Been Nervous at a Networking Event? Read This New Book.

Many people mistakenly believe that being a powerful networker is something that comes naturally to some people. The truth is the secrets to effective networking can be learned.

Cupertino, CA, November 24, 2009 --(PR.com)-- At a time when many are losing their jobs or spending too much time in front of computers, people need to learn how to network in real life. A new book demystifies networking. "I'm at a Networking Event--Now What???: A Practical Guide to Getting the Most Out of Any Networking Event" by Sandy Jones-Kaminski.

There are opportunities to network all around us, but most miss the opportunity. We are either too scared, don't recognize the opportunities or don't know what to say. The art of personal networking is how to meet people face-to-face for the first time. It's about building business connections and friends.

When asked why she wrote the book Jones-Kaminski shared, “I hope to illustrate that today's intense social networking environments practically demand that you have at least some knowledge of the best practices and effective tactics of personal networking.”

A successful business development professional and connector, the author points out that networking can happen just about anywhere – it's possible to network in a long line at the post office or even at the coffee shop. Most people do not make the most of these chances to connect with others.

People mistakenly think that the ability to network with others is a gift. They think it comes easily for others to connect people, ideas, and resources.

As Courtney McKenzie, who wrote the foreword to the book, notes, "In truth, networking is an acquired skill that anyone can develop with the right guidance. Everyone has the potential to develop their networking skills and no one person will network in exactly the same way."

This "How-To" Guide reveals all the "secrets" of effective networking. This includes: what to do, and just as importantly, what not to do to grow and nurture your valuable social network.

Jones-Kaminski also notes that people network for many reasons and networking has practical benefits. She includes a list of reminders of why it's important to network:
• To find a job
• To meet new people
• To find employees
• To get sales leads
• To expand personal and professional life
• To find a mentor
• To find an agent
• To make new friends

Jones-Kaminski says, “It doesn’t matter if a person is an extrovert or an introvert, there are some best practices when it comes to approaching a networking event in a prepared and focused way.”

Read this book and be guided by a pro each step of the way -- someone who is passionate about the benefits of networking and shows you how to develop effective networking skills. You will learn everything from what to say to what to wear and how to prepare for the networking opportunities we encounter every day.

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Publisher: Happy About
Title: I'm at a Networking Event--Now What???
Subtitle: A Practical Guide to Getting the Most Out of Any Networking Event
Author: Sandy Jones-Kaminski
Date of Publication: October 27, 2009
Price: Paperback $19.95, eBook $14.95
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-60005-166-1
ISBN: eBook: 978-1-60005-167-8
Library of Congress Control Number: 2009938535

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