Faye Hollins-Moore is Producing Her 2nd Play Under Her Production Company, Twin Towers Productions. The Play is Titled, "Weightlessness!!"

"Weightlessness!!" is a play that is based on Faye Hollins-Moore's book, titled, "Hitting The Pavement: A Journalist's 2-Year Memoir of Homelessness" (having lived in six shelters in two years). Note: the book is available on Amazon.com (in both Paperback & Kindle). The play is set in a typical shelter and depicts what it is like to live in one. - May 29, 2019

Faye Hollins-Moore, Freelance Writer of Thirty Years Writes Memoir of Living Homeless for Over Two Years, Titled, "Hitting the Pavement"

Ms. Hollins-Moore is completing the manuscript for her third book. The topic is homelessness and she writes about this very disturbing national crisis as a fully embedded journalist in six shelters in two years. She writes it as a memoir because she learned as a reporter for McGraw-Hill Publishing that the libel laws allow her to reveal the identity of those so-called philanthropies that benefit from homelessness, not help the victims of it. - January 18, 2019

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