Amidst Increase in Head Lice Cases Lice Clinic Opens 3 New York Locations

In a radical move, Lice Troopers is doubling it’s efforts to completely get rid of lice across the northeast. The national lice treatment company expands in the northeast with new locations launching in Glen Cove, Merrick, and Port Washington New York. - January 29, 2020

National Lice Prevention Month Prompts Free Comb Giveaway for Lice Troopers Treatment Centers

Lice Troopers, urgent care clinics for lice treatment and prevention wants to do their part in promoting the importance of regular screenings to detect head lice and their eggs (nits), thus stopping lice in their tracks. This can be done with a lot of patience, the right technique, and a quality fine-toothed lice comb. That’s why they’re giving away free lice combs across select clinics - nationwide. - September 23, 2019

Tax Relief Discount on Head Lice Treatment from Lice Troopers

Lice Troopers, an urgent care center for lice treatment and prevention, wants to help taxpayers kick back and have a little relief with a special offer available at any one of their 8 locations throughout Florida. - April 21, 2019

Woman Owned Lice Troopers, a Lice Removal Company Makes Waves at Venture Capital Forum

Lice Troopers, a woman-owned company is changing the landscape and conversation for small business owners and will present on February 1st at the Florida Venture Capital Conference in St. Petersburg. - January 25, 2019

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