SecureUSA Develops Solution to Increase Life Cycle of Anti Terrorist Vehicle Barriers

SecureUSA Inc. has developed a solution to increase the life, usability, reliability and flexibility of the popular MP5000 mobile vehicle barrier. The quick to install solution is being widely implemented across the US to protect high profile, at risk events and facilities. - October 24, 2008

SecureUSA Develops Safety Module to Eliminate Accidental Destruction of Vehicles by Hydraulic Barriers and Bollards

SecureUSA's Service and Maintenance Dept. has designed a revolutionary safety module, called the Barrier Safety Lockout to prevent hydraulic vehicle barriers from falsely arming and causing catastrophic collisions. There have been many serious incidents as entrants have driven over or under hydraulic barrier equipment that has malfunctioned and armed. SecureUSA now has a cost effective and quick install the solution. - June 29, 2008

SecureUSA Announces New CEO and Majority Woman Ownership

SecureUSA, the leading provider of perimeter defense solutions, announced the appointment of a new CEO and majority woman ownership. - March 10, 2008

SecureUSA Deters Terrorism with New Vehicle Barrier, FutureWEDGEâ„¢ Series 2

SecureUSA Inc, the leading provider of perimeter defense solutions, announced today the release of their 2nd generation vehicle barrier the FutureWEDGEâ„¢ Series 2. - March 08, 2008

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