Bell Lifestyle Products Launched a New Product: The Ezee Cognitive Tea™

Ezee Cognitive Tea™ is a tasty herbal blend of Siberian ginseng, ginkgo, ashwagandha and more. Some of these herbs have been used in herbal medicine to help improve mental performance. They also help to relieve general weakness and fatigue. - March 27, 2023

New Clear by Bell™ Omega 3 Fish Oil - Cholesterol Free, No Fishy Taste and No Fishy Repeats

Bell Lifestyle Products introduces a new and unique product: clear by Bell™ Omega 3 fish oil. Helps support cardiovascular health, cognitive health and brain function. Helps to reduce serum triglycerides/triacylglycerols. Source of omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic EPA DHA for the maintenance of good health. Cholesterol Free. Free of a fishy taste and fishy repeats. - July 10, 2021

Bell Lifestyle Products Introduced "The Guy" Campaign for Men’s Health

Bell Lifestyle Products unveiled their mascot, "The Guy" at the 2020 CHFA West health show this weekend. "The Guy" represents all the men who should be taking better care of themselves but have let things slip. - February 24, 2020

Discover the Full Range of Therapeutic Herbal Teas Available at Bell Lifestyle Products

Natural health specialists, Bell Lifestyle Products offers one of the market’s most diverse selections of herbal teas. One of the company’s selections of herbal teas includes their Bell Indigestion Tea #29, which helps to treat the causes of indigestion and acid reflux, thereby... - November 07, 2014

Help Ease the Discomfort Caused by Bladder Infection - Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea

Studies continue to link ingesting products rich in chamomile with reduced muscle-spams and improved urinary flow. A recent example is a study published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, which highlighted how drinking chamomile can help increase... - March 15, 2014

Shark Cartilage Product from Bell Lifestyle Products Offers Lasting Pain Relief to Osteo Arthritis Joint Pain Sufferers

Recent studies from highly accredited medical research centers have highlighted the pain relief benefits that the natural element chondroitin can have for those with osteo arthritis. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, results from several well-designed scientific studies... - March 13, 2014

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