Henry Ford Hospital Study: Vitamin B3 Shows Early Promise in Treatment of Stroke

An early study suggests that vitamin B3 or niacin, a common water-soluble vitamin, may help improve neurological function after stroke, according to Henry Ford Hospital researchers. When rats with ischemic stroke were given niacin, their brains showed growth of new blood vessels, and sprouting of... - February 26, 2010

The Henry Ford Production System LEAN Training Program

The Henry Ford Production System LEAN training program takes place March 11-12, 2010 at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. The two-day course is a didactic and hands-on introduction to LEAN management philosophy and manufacturing-based work rules and tools designed to prepare physicians,... - February 10, 2010

Does Race, Income Predict Prostate Cancer Outcome?

A patient’s socioeconomic status (income, martial status and race) has absolutely no impact on his outcome following curative radiation therapy for the treatment of prostate cancer, according to a new study from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. The study is being presented Nov. 4 at the 51st Annual American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) meeting in Chicago. It is unique in that nearly 50 percent of patients in the analysis are African American. - November 06, 2009

Henry Ford Hospital Study: Hepatitis B Does Not Increase Risk for Pancreatic Cancer

A Henry Ford Hospital study found that hepatitis B does not increase the risk for pancreatic cancer - and that only age is a contributing factor. The results contradict a previous study in 2008 that suggested a link between pancreatic cancer and previous hepatitis B infection. Hepatitis B is an inflammation of the liver caused by a viral infection. - November 05, 2009

Preventative Brain Radiation for Lung Cancer Patients: The Benefits and Risks

A new study is taking a closer look at the benefits versus risks for lung cancer patients to undergo preventative brain radiation therapy as a means to stop cancer from spreading to the brain. Study results show that while preventative brain radiation for patients with non-small cell lung cancer... - November 04, 2009

Study: the New Buzz on Detecting Tinnitus

A Henry Ford Hospital study finds that a non-invasive imaging technique can aid in the diagnosis of tinnitus, a perceived ringing of the head and ears, offering hope to the more than 50 million patients with tinnitus. This imaging technique can determine the site of perception of tinnitus in the brain, which could in turn allow physicians to target the area with electrical or chemical therapies to lessen symptoms. - October 07, 2009

Study Finds 231 New Genes Associated with Head & Neck Cancer

A Henry Ford Hospital study has identified 231 new genes associated with head and neck cancer, one of the most deadly cancers responsible for 2.1 percent of all cancer deaths in the United States. Previously, only 33 genes were reported associated with head and neck cancer. “These new genes... - October 07, 2009

Study: Once-Daily Tablet as Effective as Multiple Pill Dosings for Treating Oral Yeast Infection in HIV/AIDS Patients

A once-daily medication option for treating the most common mouth infection in HIV/AIDS patients has shown to be just as effective and safe as taking an anti-fungal pill five times a day, according to a Henry Ford Hospital study. Researchers found that a small tablet applied daily that sticks to... - September 16, 2009

Henry Ford Hospital Offers Effective Alternative Treatment for Depression

Henry Ford Hospital has launched a new depression treatment which is as effective as current antidepressant medications taken by millions of Americans but without the medication side effects. The new therapy stimulates the brain non-invasively, by delivering highly focused, MRI-strength magnetic... - July 30, 2009

Surgery Improves Survival for Prostate Cancer Patients Younger Than 50

For men younger than 50 with prostate cancer, undergoing a radical prostatectomy can greatly increase their chances for long-term survival, according to a new study from Henry Ford Hospital. Results from the study done on the National SEER database show that the surgical procedure improves the 5-,... - May 14, 2009

Henry Ford Hospital Physician Pens Online Cookbook to Aid Food Allergy Sufferers

A Henry Ford Hospital pulmonologist who counts herself as among the more than 12 million Americans with a food allergy has written an online cookbook to help her fellow sufferers prepare safe, healthy meals without the fear of having an allergic reaction. Visitors to the Web site of Rana Awdish, M. - April 22, 2009

Henry Ford Hospital Study Says Energy Drinks May be Harmful to People with Hypertension, Heart Disease

People who have high blood pressure or heart disease should avoid consuming energy drinks, according to a Henry Ford Hospital study to be published online Wednesday in The Annals of Pharmacotherapy. Researchers found that healthy adults who drank two cans a day of a popular energy drink... - March 21, 2009

Rare! A Wine Masterpiece

RARE! A wine masterpiece, takes place 7 – 11 p.m. Friday, Oct. 10, at the Coach Insignia in the GM Renaissance Center. Nearly 100 exquisite wines from around the world will be uncorked for sampling in an unparalleled strolling wine tasting and dinner, designed by the Matt Prentice Restaurant Group. Now in its third year, the event benefits Henry Ford Hospital’s Heart & Vascular Institute (HVI). - September 24, 2008

Henry Ford Health System CEO Named as One of Most Powerful in Health Care

Nancy Schlichting, president and chief executive officer of Henry Ford Health System, has been named one of the “100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare” by Modern Healthcare magazine. This is the fourth straight year in which Schlichting has been listed in the magazine’s annual... - September 11, 2008

State’s First Single Incision Robotic Kidney Removal Performed at Henry Ford Hospital

For the first time in Michigan, a diseased kidney has been surgically removed at Henry Ford Hospital using highly sophisticated 3D robotics through a single incision. “We made several improvements in the technique that could allow us to perform this type of procedure routinely,” says... - August 27, 2008

International Robotics Urology Symposium

2009 International Robotics Urology Symposium Henry Ford Hospital is sponsoring the 2009 International Robotic Urology Symposium (IRUS) at The Bellagio Resort, in Las Vegas, Jan. 12-14, 2009. The three day symposium will provide the ultimate informative experience for health care professionals... - August 07, 2008

Step by Step for Recovery, Former Henry Ford Health System Patient Travels Across Michigan to Bring Awareness to Addiction Recovery

One step at a time, Alex Maysura, 55, will challenge himself physically and spiritually as he walks more than 350 miles, from Mackinaw City to Maplegrove Center in West Bloomfield, to honor National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month and share his personal journey of alcohol recovery. - August 01, 2008

Heart Smart® Recipe Box Launches on HenryFord.com

Henry Ford Health System has launched its Heart Smart® Recipe Box, online at www.henryford.com/heart, with recipes that are as good for your heart as they are to eat. - July 17, 2008

Henry Ford’s FasTrac Female ACL Program Prevents Knee Injuries in Athletes

The FasTrac Female ACL Injury Prevention Program and exercise DVD set was created by Henry Ford’s department of Orthopaedic Surgery to help athletes reduce the risk of injuring their ACL by improving their lower-body positioning and control. - April 25, 2008

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