Premier Cities Paris and Prague Up on TravelGuide.TV Travel Video Website

Joining the TravelGuide collection, Paris and Prague are two of the top Europe city destinations. Stunning views of these historical cities come to life in the sharp tourism videos – 9 for each city with the wonderful visitor attractions in high quality visuals. France is the top city destination while many visitors to Prague say “fun” is the main reason for their visit. Webmasters with Prague and Paris sites can embed the videos from set up by Stephen O’Shaughnessy of Dublin. - August 16, 2008

New York City Tourist Vids Up on TravelGuide.TV Website

TravelGuide.TV’s New York subdomain has come onstream with videos on the topics tourists look for, like New York Attractions, New York Restaurants. In all 25 cities are in the first phase of TravelGuide.TV followed by a further 25 by the end of 2008. A key feature of the website is its zippy directness – click and play the high quality travel videos. According to Stephen O’Shaughnessy “New York just had to be one of our first cities – the Big Apple is such a tourist magnet.” - August 02, 2008

Wander Around Finland's Favorite City with Travel Videos from

Wander around Helsinki with a new website with nine tourist videos plus map, weather, reservations and information from the TravelGuide.TV team. With the easy-to-recall name, the videos give an insight to the City. Tourism in Helsinki is growing faster than the average for Europe and it is a round the year destination. A key sector is the thriving congress and exhibition trade. The new website gives visitors an appreciation of what to expect on their visit. - July 30, 2008

Auckland City of Sails Goes Sailing Into Video World

Auckland.TV has great tourist videos dealing with tourism topics and gives a feel for the awesome atmosphere of the City. The name dates back to the time of sailing ships and also Auckland as a stopover on round the world sailing races. The videos give a glimpse of the multifaceted cultural heritage and the website has a reservations area, Forum and Directory. The videos can be embedded on any website and this can be done from the Syndication area. Auckland TV is part of TravelGuide.TV - July 23, 2008

Boston Tourists get Brilliant Videos from TravelGuide.TV

Boston joins the TravelGuide.TV collection of major world tourist destinations with brilliant videos designed with the City visitor in mind. All the typical tourist topics are covered in video – Attractions, Tours, Hotels, etc plus informative text. “Boston Video TravelGuide”, according to Stephen O’Shaughnessy, “is a natural for us” given the ties between Boston and Ireland. The site also has a Forum, Directory and the Boston Videos can be downloaded and embedded free on any site. - July 16, 2008

Video Travel Guides - New Generation from TravelGuide.TV launches Video Guides for major Cities. Now, the arrival of video tourist guides covering major city destinations across the world. In a move forward from the online text based tourism guides of the last decade TravelGuide.TV presents video travel guides for major cities. On a... - June 29, 2008

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