Video Travel Guides - New Generation from TravelGuide.TV

Dublin, Ireland, June 29, 2008 --( launches Video Guides for major Cities.

Now, the arrival of video tourist guides covering major city destinations across the world. In a move forward from the online text based tourism guides of the last decade TravelGuide.TV presents video travel guides for major cities.

On a sharp, polished, easy to navigate website, snappy video films (with English voiceover) report on topics including an overall Introduction, Tours, Hotels, Shopping and more for each of the cities. It has an easy-to-use secure booking area – hotel, tours, car rental – all can be booked and there are some special hotel deals at the moment.

Tourists planning a trip to New York City will enjoy watching New York Attractions, New York City Nightlife, New York Museums and get a feel for the sights and sounds of the city - and plan their schedule accordingly. And you can bet that those returning from a vacation will go straight to the videos to relive great memories.

The video clips are one to two minutes long and pack piles of tourist information with an instructive voiceover, rolling text and top class production standards.

TravelGuide.TV has been developed by Stephen O’Shaughnessy and he says “the purpose of the venture is to give the punter well organized video travel guides - simple to use for anyone going on a city holiday”.

An interesting feature is that anyone can embed the videos on their own website – just download the free syndication player and embed the code. These stylish, professional films would be a great add-on to any website.

Contact Name : Stephen O’Shaughnessy
Tel: +353 1 6609228
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Address: TravelGuide.TV, 20 Lower Stephen Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Stephen O'Shaughnessy