Scan-IT to Office - A New Way to Capture Data with a Smartphone

Scan-IT to Office extends office applications with unique remote data acquisition and barcode scanner capabilities: Use any smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) and scan barcodes, images, texts quantities and more directly into Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Smart cloud services transfer the captured data immediately to a document of your choice. This works globally, regardless of your device’s location, single and multiple user scenarios are supported. - October 02, 2018

Create and Print Barcode Labels Online

TEC-IT introduces “Online Label Generator” a browser-based printing system for industry forms and barcode labels. Users are able to create own labels and forms completely independent from label printing software or operating systems. - June 17, 2016

TEC-IT’s New Data Acquisition Software

TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH (, leading vendor of AUTO-ID and barcode software, proudly introduces version 3 of the data acquisition software TWedge. TWedge facilitates automated data acquisition with existing applications, the software connects any device with any system. TWedge... - June 15, 2014

The Latest in Barcode Label Printing

TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH (, leading vendor of AUTO-ID and barcode software launches version 7.5 of the barcode label printing software TFORMer Designer. With the software package TFORMer, companies use a professional system to create and print labels, forms and reports. The output... - August 15, 2013

New Software: Create QR Codes for Free

TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH (, leading vendor of AUTO-ID and bar code software launches a completely free software for creating QR codes. Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X are supported. QR codes are bi-dimensional codes that can be scanned with most camera equipped smartphones. Besides... - April 14, 2013

It’s Possible: Powerful Labeling & Reporting with Only 20MB

TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH (, leading vendor of AUTO-ID and bar code software proves its competence with the label printing software TFORMer version 7. The new version of this label printing and reporting tool combines unmatched functionality with high performance and small resource... - March 24, 2012

Print Barcodes Company-Wide with SEH’s Print Server

Extend any network printer with a barcode printing functionality and create more than 100 different linear and 2D barcodes. - May 13, 2011

New for Mac OS - Print Barcodes Labels Quickly

TEC-IT presents a brand new version of its barcode maker software. Barcode Studio generates barcodes and offers now very convenient barcode label printing abilities. - February 23, 2011

The Economic Output Solution TFORMer Unites Barcode Label Printing and Reporting

TEC-IT releases the new version of the barcode label printing and reporting software TFORMer. This versatile output solution helps customers to unify output requirements and reduces operating and maintenance costs. - May 20, 2009

Universal Data-Acquisition Software

Universal Data-Acquisition Software

TEC-IT releases TWedge - the first available data acquisition software with integrated scripting and direct database access. - December 24, 2008

Advanced Barcode Design Software for Mac OS X

TEC-IT (, a global barcode software provider, announced the availability of Barcode Studio for Mac OS X. - June 24, 2008

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