Universal Data-Acquisition Software

TEC-IT releases TWedge - the first available data acquisition software with integrated scripting and direct database access.

Universal Data-Acquisition Software
Steyr, Austria, December 24, 2008 --(PR.com)-- TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH (www.tec-it.com), a global AUTO-ID and bar code software provider, releases the first scriptable data acquisition software TWedge.

The software-tool TWedge supports data acquisition and data collection with arbitrary applications and software-systems. Data from bar code scanners, gauges, electronic scales, controllers and PLCs is captured and forwarded automatically in real time to Microsoft Office, ERP systems, databases and more. TWedge operates in the background as completely transparent middleware and connects arbitrary software applications with arbitrary devices. Changes, extensions and customizations of target systems are not required.

The absolute highlight of TWedge is the integrated scripting engine (based on JavaScript®). Because of the scripting capabilities the software tool is extremely flexible. The user is able to integrate own logic or additional data acquisition functionality. Even bi-directional device communication (e.g. for device polling) and hot key or timer-based actions are implemented within minutes.

TEC-IT's CEO, Guenter Kriegl, outlines the usage scenarios for TWedge: „Connecting data acquisition devices with standard software systems is not always as easy as imagined. Whenever special requirements need to be met, automated data acquisition can easily turn into a costly project. Exactly this problem is solved with TWedge. TWedge enables the user to implement automated data acquisition systems with the help of versatile interface and device support as well as with the integrated scripting capabilities. Time consuming, error-prone and sometimes expensive customizing of target applications can be avoided.“

TWedge supports automated data acquisition with arbitrary devices connected via serial interface (RS232, RS485), USB, Bluetooth and TCP/IP. Captured device data is forwarded to target applications as simulated keystrokes (keyboard wedge) or stored directly into databases and files. Additional software tools are not required.

The application can be downloaded from the company’s website. The data acquisition software TWedge is available for Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher.

TEC-IT software products are in world-wide use. Software made by TEC-IT has stood the test in numerous office and client applications, in enterprise-wide web applications, in bar code add-ons for printers, as barcode software for DPM (Direct Part Marking) and DTP (Desktop Publishing) and many other scenarios.

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