The AGENCY Speakers’ Dan Sims Travels Around the World to Understand & Appreciate His Clients

Dan Sims, President of The AGENCY Speakers, continually breaks down barriers inherent in the traditional agent-client relationship to better represent his meeting planning clients as well as the talent; creating a world-class speakers bureau. - July 04, 2008

The AGENCY Speakers Bureau Asks: Are the Olympics Really About the Sports, or Even the Athletes?

The Olympic Games have, for hundreds of years been an amazing display of the combination of physical strength and finesse, but with the numerous athletic competitions televised weekly, there must be more that draws viewers in. - July 02, 2008

How do Olympic Athletes Want to be Remembered? The AGENCY Speakers Bureau Shares Some Tricks of the Trade

Olympic athletes must utilize the media exposure at the Olympic Games to showcase more than their incredible physical talents, but to broadcast their personality and inner strengths, which can lead to a longer career filled with opportunities beyond the realm of athletics. - June 30, 2008

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