How do Olympic Athletes Want to be Remembered? The AGENCY Speakers Bureau Shares Some Tricks of the Trade

Olympic athletes must utilize the media exposure at the Olympic Games to showcase more than their incredible physical talents, but to broadcast their personality and inner strengths, which can lead to a longer career filled with opportunities beyond the realm of athletics.

The Plains, VA, June 30, 2008 --( At the Sydney Olympics, Nielsen ratings reported that over 3.7 billion people watched the games in over 220 countries and territories, generating more than 36.1 billion television viewing hours, and even delivering an 80% share during the opening and closing ceremonies. For the athletes that are competing in the games, this is the kind of media coverage that one can’t even imagine paying for. The issue at hand is not how many minutes an athlete is seen on TV, or even if he or she places in their event. Rather, how an athlete deals with his or her time in the spotlight defines whether the Olympic Games are the pinnacle, or one high point in a long, successful career. Generally, a “long career” in the world of athletics is 10- 12 years, and anyone over 30 can be considered a “veteran”. With some thought and planning, an athlete’s career is not over after he or she is no longer competing, but simply a new beginning, as he or she is able to share the experiences they have encountered along the way. For example, Dan Jansen, who is represented by The AGENCY Speakers Bureau, located in The Plains, VA, speaks on the topics of goal achievement and motivation. His positive attitude throughout his three years at the Olympic Games, and his unwillingness to give in to defeat are what captured the attention and hearts of viewers around the world. While he won many awards, including a gold medal in the 1000 m speed skating event during the 1994 Olympics, his journey is how he is remembered. The question is, how will competitors in the upcoming Olympics utilize their time in this world arena to be remembered?

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Dan Sims