AJAX Technology Makes it Possible to Create First Self-Moderated Forum with Orca 1.0 – Interactive Forum Script

Today BoonEx announced release of Orca 1.0, the first self moderated, integratable, AJAX-powered forum script. Orca 1.0 is a major innovation in forum and bulletin board software industry. - November 29, 2006

Evolution on Community Software Market

Today as a part of BoonEx Evolution project, BoonEx – Community Software Experts have upgraded their projects, and released the new versions of two main community software products, Dolphin 5.4 - Smart Community Builder, and Ray 2.1 - #1 Community Widget Suite. - November 29, 2006

ExpertZZZ - The First Place to Support All Community Software Products

The ExpertZZZ is the first Community Software Support system giving an opportunity for software developers, webmasters and everyone, who is running community web-site, to offer and receive technical, marketing, advisory and informational services. - November 09, 2006

BoonEx Community Breakthrough – BoonEx Wikipedia Project

BoonEx has launched the Wiki project as an effective tool for collaborative documenting. Wiki opens way for the community to create the most efficient and usable documentation for BoonEx products as well as recommending modifications for these products. - November 04, 2006

BoonEx Upgrade – Web Community Concept Makes Obsolete Dating Sites

Following the trend, BoonEx Ltd. dumps its subsidiary company, number #1 dating software provider AEwebworks, to concentrate on online community software development. With this move, BoonEx takes the new position of Community Software Experts – providers of quality community, and social... - October 20, 2006

Predators Unleashed – Powerful Traffic Development Software Barracuda 2.0

Today, as part of "Predators Unleashed” initiative, BoonEx Group has launched new version of its famous directory script - Barracuda 2.0 Traffic Development Software. New version focuses on original content and traffic development aspects. This widens software application from mere web resources listing directory to a tool for development of traffic. - May 16, 2006

New Era of Web Community Software – Dolphin, aeDating Remake

Today, as part of "Predators Unleashed" initiative, BoonEx Group has launched new product - Dolphin Web Community Software. New product offers ability to create popular web community offering forum, chat, IM, dating, news, blogging, media gallery and events services. New software is an updated version of famous dating script aeDating from AEwebworks Dating Software Development Ltd. now owned by BoonEx Group. - May 14, 2006

Predators Unleashed - Ray Web Multimedia Software Userplane Alternative

Today, as part of "Predators Released" initiative, BoonEx Group has launched new product - Ray audio/video instant messenger, chat and web server based on flash technology. This is first audio/video application that offers complete control. Ray is the alternative to famous Userplane applications. - May 14, 2006

Predators Unleashed -- Shark First Dating Business Software

Today, as part of "Predators Unleashed" initiative, BoonEx Group has launched new product - Shark Dating Business Software. Shark offers business oriented functionality, power of C, PHP and AJAX and modular, secure and stylish system. Shark 1.0 is first dating business application that offers both stable dating site features and tools to manage your online dating business. - May 14, 2006

Barracuda First Niche Directory Script Comes Back Updated

BoonEx Web Applications Company has released new version of its popular free directory script Barracuda 1.1. Barracuda 1.1 is a great example of secure, usable and flexible software that has lots of amazing features and genius inventions. - February 04, 2006

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