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ExpertZZZ - The First Place to Support All Community Software Products

The ExpertZZZ is the first Community Software Support system giving an opportunity for software developers, webmasters and everyone, who is running community web-site, to offer and receive technical, marketing, advisory and informational services.

New York, NY, November 09, 2006 --( BoonEx announced the establishment of ExpertZZZ – the Community Software Support web-site aimed to provide a collaboration platform for webmasters specializing in community web-site development.

The ExpertZZZ Community Software Support system, now released under Beta version, will offer a portfolio of technical, marketing, advisory, informational and sales resources developed to foster its members’ opportunity to grow a business, obtain new customers and stay ahead of community software development, marketing and competitive trends. The ExpertZZZ project is open to any software developer or company developing community products or providing related services, such as installation, modifications, upgrades, products integration and many others.

The Beta version of ExpertZZZ allows everyone to become familiar with the system, so all webmasters and developers are invited to test the system, its facilities, primary tools and availability for their own objectives.

“ExpertZZZ is launched as a step toward fulfillment of the 'Unite People' mission. BoonEx, as a vendor of community software, wants to make the idea of uniting people globally popular and we created a community of webmasters that bring this idea to reality by running online community sites”, says BoonEx Ltd. general director, Andrey Sivtsov.

Membership in ExpertZZZ is absolutely free. It works as a “contributionware” site providing an opportunity for everyone to voluntarily contribute by donating money or making some valuable input which will help to accelerate the growth of Internet communities and fulfill the global mission of the ExpertZZZ community.

The ExpertZZZ Community Software Support system will allow its members to download, modify, sell their software and offer services according to the latest community software developments and customer needs. The system is structured this way to offer the most convenience for its members to provide and receive community software products and services.

For webmasters and developers of information exchange, ExpertZZZ offers the ForumZ and Docz section, which is the database of manuals, tips, tutorials and other documentation based on BoonEx Wiki software. The latest events, community software trends and offers are available at NewZ, while the ExpertZ section has a list of all experts, with their ratings so members can choose. One of the main advantages in ExpertZZZ is a shopping cart system allowing members to purchase several products at a time, without the need to go through the routine procedure of filling in the payment form for every product.

The ExpertZZZ project offers an opportunity to reach permanent customers, become a community software expert, and sell small community business products. ExpertZZZ is the first support system aimed at building a community environment where people are working together to accomplish the common “Unite People” mission.

For additional information on the ExpertZZZ Community Software Support system, visit

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BoonEx Ltd., community software experts, was founded on the 15th of December 2004. It was initially organized from a group of smaller companies and newly attracted professionals with experience in software development, web-promotion, marketing, and management. Currently, BoonEx Ltd. runs several commercial websites and serves customers from all over the world with a staff of 50 full-time employees who have great professional backgrounds, education and experience.

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