Orion Blue Books - Expands Appraisals and Expert Witness Section for Pro Video

Orion Blue Books, 33 years of publishing blue books, has expanded their appriaisal section for Video.  With Digital Video equipment replacing older equipment, there is a large need for valuation, and expert witness work. Orion is here to help all businesses in this area. 480-951-1114. Located... - April 20, 2006

Mike Ferguson's New Book- HDTV is Here- Makes HDTV Easy to Understand

HDTV is Here!, Michael Ferguson author of the new book called "HDTV IS Here!" 1080i, 1080p, 720p and 480i, what do these numbers mean? What is best? What do you buy when you go to the store? Author, Michael Ferguson has embarked on a book that will answer these question and more. HDTV... - April 19, 2006

The Used Value of Digital Camera's - Orion Blue Books

Orion Blue Books has a speical personal property report available that will help in determining values.... fair market values. - February 04, 2006

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