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Mike Ferguson's New Book- HDTV is Here- Makes HDTV Easy to Understand

Scottsdale, AZ, April 19, 2006 --(PR.com)-- HDTV is Here!, Michael Ferguson author of the new book called "HDTV IS Here!"

1080i, 1080p, 720p and 480i, what do these numbers mean? What is best? What do you buy when you go to the store? Author, Michael Ferguson has embarked on a book that will answer these question and more. HDTV IS HERE! is easy to understand and will make buyers of us all. Here is a excerpt from part one of his HDTV IS HERE!

“We live in the digital age. When television meets the computer it is called Digital Television or DTV”.

“To understand HDTV you must define and understand Digital Television. DTV is the umbrella term encompassing High Definition Television and many other applications including Standard Definition Television (480p in the USA), data casting, multi casting and inter activity”.

Ferguson said. “I have been in the Television broadcasting business for 25 years. My family, neighbors and friends are constantly asking me about HDTV. What is it and what about their rabbit ears? I thought Mike why don’t you write a book? Well I did just that.”

Mr. Ferguson is a “expert in his field” states Roger Rohrs, publisher of Orion Blue Books. A publication recognized by Wall Street.

To stay on top of his craft Michael attends the National Association of Broadcasters and Consumer Electronics Show conventions held every year in Las Vegas. Mike’s book is available online at www.orionbluebook.com/orion/press.asp. Check it out.

Michael Ferguson,
Senior Editor
Orion Research Corporation
Video & Television Blue Book
Phone: (623) 937-0209
Web site: http://www.orionbluebook.com/orion/press.asp
Email: michael@systemassociates.com

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