Palmetto Childproofing Attends Las Vegas ABC Kids Expo

The four-day event, considered the largest industry trade show of its kind for juvenile products, attracted over 10,000 combined exhibitors and attendees from all over the world. - October 27, 2013

Palmetto Childproofing Announces That September is Baby Safety Month 2013

Baby monitor cords can pose a strangulation hazard for babies and toddlers. - September 04, 2013

Palmetto Childproofing Vice President Mike Bost Achieves Industry Milestone

The International Association for Child Safety has developed the childproofing industry's first and only professional certification program. - November 21, 2011

Palmetto Childproofing Announces That September is Baby Safety Month 2011

The crib is the only place where a baby is ever left alone and unsupervised for long periods of time. Creating a safe sleep environment is critical. - August 24, 2011

Palmetto Childproofing Featured on Charlotte’s FOX News Rising Morning Show

Baby safety topics included product recalls, crib safety, baby gates, and furniture safety. - October 06, 2010

Palmetto Childproofing Participates in Child Safety Fair

The one day event allowed new moms to connect with local businesses and organizations offering information and resources on child safety. - September 30, 2010

September is Baby Safety Month 2010

Babies possess an innate curiosity about the world around them. Unfortunately, this can expose them to many household hazards. - August 28, 2010

Palmetto Childproofing Participates in Pediatric Special Needs Trade Show

The one day event provided an opportunity for families with special needs children to connect with services and resources that offer support and assistance. - May 10, 2010

Palmetto Childproofing Attends Child Safety Conference

Child safety experts, professional babyproofers, and pool fence installers from across the United States and Canada gather in New Orleans to discuss child safety. - October 08, 2009

September is Baby Safety Month

Bathrooms may not seem particularly dangerous for babies, but there are, in fact, many hazards that can cause harm. - September 04, 2009

Palmetto Childproofing Participates in Summer Safety Day

With summer just around the corner, kids will be out of school, outdoor activities will increase, and the number of injuries, mishaps, and emergency room visits will increase as well. - April 22, 2009

Palmetto Childproofing Sponsors Charlotte Playgroup

Playgroups offer support, advice, and friendship for new moms - February 20, 2009

Palmetto Childproofing Inc Joins Chamber of Commerce

Promoting economic prosperity for York County, South Carolina. - October 24, 2008

September is Baby Safety Month

Babies are amazingly curious and develop mobility more quickly than parents might expect. The time to childproof your home is before a serious accident occurs. - August 24, 2008

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