Foamlinx Announcing Major Production and Equipment Expansion to Benefit Props, Signs and Prototyping Industries

Foamlinx LLC, a California-based company designing and manufacturing CNC foam cutters announces its plans to expand its production and equipment to serve larger variety of industries. The expansion plan involves a recent purchase of a 5’x10’x3’ and 8’x16’x4’ CNC... - September 28, 2015

Foamlinx LLC Invests in Large CNC Routers to Support the Growing Demand for Prototyping Services

Foamlinx LLC, a California-based company has extended its services to include foam prototyping and 3D printing. The company has purchased new machinery, mainly large CNC routers up to 16ft to assist customers in prototyping process, designing new products or modifying changes to existing products. This equipment addition will save customers unnecessary time and costs currently spent on design, research and development. - June 18, 2015

Foamlinx LLC Announces a Specialty Line of Foam Cutters for Cake Makers and Event Planners

RCFoamCutter, a subsidiary company of Foamlinx, announces a specialty line of CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutters Packages, suitable for cake designers and decorators. These are CNC hot wire foam cutting machines that come as kits. This enables any cake maker to cut fake cakes for any event by using computer-controlled machinery instead of manual cutting. - May 10, 2013

Foamlinx LLC Introduces Custom Made CNC Routers for 3D Foam Modeling

Foamlinx LLC, a designer and manufacturer of CNC hot wire foam cutting machines launches custom-made CNC hot wire router systems for machining 3D foam models, props, sculptures, monuments, architectural shapes, displays and more. - November 01, 2012

Foamlinx Providing Affordable Cutting Solution to the Sign Industry

Foamlinx LLC designed a specialized line of CNC hot wire foam cutting machines to help the sign industry in lowering costs and time for cutting signs, letters and logos from EPS, XPS and EPP foam. Foam cutters come in 4 different sizes ranging from 3’ x 2’ x 1’ and up to 8’ x 4’ x 3’ to provide a solution for sign makers. - June 29, 2012

Foamlinx and WeCutFoam Collaborates with BAM to Fabricate Its Latest Exhibit BAMScape

WeCutFoam, a subsidiary of Foamlinx and Berkeley Art Museum work together to produce BAM newest exhibit, called BAMscape. Architect in charge form BAM was Thom Faulder. The result is a 1550sf interactive furniture-like sculpture. - March 19, 2010

Foamlinx LLC Iintroduces CNC Hotwire Foam Cutters New Line Under $14,000

Foamlinx LLC, a Silicon Valley based company, is selling hot wire CNC foam cutters for under $14,000. The new line, called FCH, is 4x4x8 and 8x4x8 CNC 4 Axis heavy-duty machines designed for continuous operations. - September 07, 2008

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