Foamlinx LLC Announces a Specialty Line of Foam Cutters for Cake Makers and Event Planners

RCFoamCutter, a subsidiary company of Foamlinx, announces a specialty line of CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutters Packages, suitable for cake designers and decorators. These are CNC hot wire foam cutting machines that come as kits. This enables any cake maker to cut fake cakes for any event by using computer-controlled machinery instead of manual cutting.

Sunnyvale, CA, May 10, 2013 --( RCFoamCutter, a subsidiary company of Foamlinx LLC, based in CA, designs and manufactures its own line of cost effective and high-quality specialty foam cutters. The company has come up with a specialty line of foam cutters packages for the events industry, and especially for cake makers and decorators. The foam cutters are sold as kits, either as parts, partially assembled or full assembly.

Their foam cutting machines are cost effective, starting as low as $1500. These foam cutters are offered as 2 designs suitable for a cake designer - A Full Package, and a Pro Package. This last one also contains a hot wire power supply. Both machines are made for 24-hours continuous operation. The Foamlinx kits include everything needed to build your own hot wire foam cutter, including mechanical and electronic parts. The mechanical parts include shafts, ACME screws, wires, bearing and mounting brackets. The electronic parts include cables, motors, electronic boards, and a hot wire power supply. These foam cutters can cut EPS, XPS or EPP foam blocks, up to 20” a minute. The package can also be used for cutting signs, logos and letters.

Before, cake designer had to cut their cakes by hand, but now they can use a hot wire foam cutter, creating a memorable finish for a special day. Using the machine as opposed to a manual cut will result in much more precise shapes, fast and accurate cuts, thus saving time and money. Having to supply the cake to its small details, cutting the cakes by hand and meeting streaked deadlines are not easy tasks, resulting in frustration and feeling of overwhelming at times. This is where owning a foam cutter can be a life changing experience.

RCFoamCutter hot wire foam cutters are affordable, easy to assemble and to work with. Set-up time is a matter of 1-2 hours from the time all parts are taken out of its package till the machine is fully functional and ready to be operated.

Marina Sousa from who appeared on Oprah Winnfrey’s show and won the cake competition used our machines to cut some cake parts for that show.

Preparing a personalized cake, a wedding cake or any type of custom-made cake can be challenging; creating it with RCFoamCutter machines can alleviate some of that pressure.

Foamlinx and RCFoamCutter also offers foam cutting services. Cake designers and makers can use these services offered to outsource projects, instead of having to spend the time on it themselves. RCFoamCutter can produce a whole or a part of any project, cutting any pieces of “fake cakes” to decorate any table for any occasion. Other services include coating, sanding and painting. And the best thing is - you won’t even be able to tell one from the other – which one is the real cake, and which one is the “dummy cake.”
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