Posts Q & A with Master Green Developer Stephen Soler

Soler recently discussed with staff how he engaged stakeholders and developed a sustainable plan for this quite suburban town in Southwestern Connecticut. The project has recieved national recognition and has become a model green building project that aims to become one of the first LEED-certified communities. - July 19, 2006 Posts Q & A with U.S. Green Building Council President and CEO Rick Fedrizzi

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) President and CEO Rick Fedrizzi will be speaking in Connecticut on April 27 at Yale. Mr. Fedrizzi was able to give some time before his arrival, so we asked and he answered. Rick touches on LEED 3.0, gives his opinion on Connecticut as a green building state and on the lighter side, chooses one when asked 'Red Sox or Yankees'. - April 19, 2006

Lewis Street Partners Select AuctorVerno as Green Building Consultant

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the redevelopment of the once popular University Club at 30 Lewis Street will set a new standard for Hartford. The building is part of the rebirth of Lewis Street and will be one of the first existing buildings in the downtown area to be rehabbed green. - March 02, 2006

Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity to Build First Green Home

Starting in April 2006, Hartford Habitat will begin constructing a duplex home on Risley Street using green building products and technology. The project is made possible with consulting support provided by United Technologies and Global Green USA and sponsorship support by Carrier Corporation and Nationwide. AuctorVerno, LLC has signed an agreement to assist in marketing and project coordination. - February 24, 2006

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