Oaksun Declares Candidacy for LNC Treasurer; Calls for Immediate Changes

Today, James Oaksun, president of Virtual Galt Corporation, announced his candidacy for treasurer of the Libertarian National Committee. “Our party faces an existential crisis,” Oaksun said. “On a real inflation adjusted basis, fundraising has dropped by more than 70 percent this... - January 20, 2010

Liberty for Maine and Virtual Galt to Distribute Sermon on the Mount

Today, Liberty for Maine and Virtual Galt jointly announce it will begin distribution of a special edition of the Sermon on the Mount. Included in the document is a special introduction written by James Oaksun, chair of Liberty for Maine and president of Virtual Galt. The introduction specifically addresses the applicability of the Sermon to treatment of gay men and lesbians in civil society. - October 17, 2009

Virtual Galt President to Deliver Two Speeches in Maine

James R. Oaksun, president of Virtual Galt Corporation, a Saco, Maine-based financial consultancy, will be delivering two speeches on the economy this week. “This is a challenging time economically,” Oaksun said, “and people are looking to understand both where we are and where... - January 05, 2009

Virtual Galt Corporation Announces Creation of LGBT Stock Index

Today, Virtual Galt Corporation announced the creation of the Virtual Galt Pride IndexSM, a passive stock index of companies with strongly supportive LGBT human resource policies. The index is comprised of stock of 97 companies. All the companies are also on the S&P 500 Index. The 97 companies... - December 21, 2008

Virtual Galt Announces Stock Research Findings: More Democrats in the Senate Mean Lower Stock Returns

James Oaksun, president of Virtual Galt Corporation, a Saco, Maine-based financial consultancy, has completed path-breaking research on stock returns under different political scenarios. The findings indicated that, for the United States Senate, every 10 additional Democrats resulted in a reduction in real (inflation adjusted) stock returns by about one percent per year. - December 07, 2008

Virtual Galt Announces The Gift of Freedom(SM)

Virtual Galt Corporation announces a new product today. Called The Gift of Freedom(SM), it is a suite of services designed to help people find freedom. - December 02, 2008

Virtual Galt Announces GaltGold(SM) List

Virtual Galt Corporation today announced its 2008-09 list of GaltGoldSM approved pre-owned luxury automobiles. The car makes and models selected have both outstanding reliability reputations and represent good value for the dollar, as they have reached optimal points on their depreciation... - November 21, 2008

New Maine Gay-Owned Financial Services Business: Client Sets the Price, and Pays in Gold

Virtual Galt, a new Saco, Maine-based financial services consultancy, has an idea it considers revolutionary. Rather than setting prices, it accepts as full payment whatever its clients wish to pay for its services. As an additional innovation, the company states it prefers payment in gold or gold... - October 30, 2008

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