New Maine Gay-Owned Financial Services Business: Client Sets the Price, and Pays in Gold

Portland, ME, October 30, 2008 --( Virtual Galt, a new Saco, Maine-based financial services consultancy, has an idea it considers revolutionary. Rather than setting prices, it accepts as full payment whatever its clients wish to pay for its services.

As an additional innovation, the company states it prefers payment in gold or gold exchange-traded fund shares.

James Oaksun, president and chief executive salesman of Virtual Galt, explains: “This is an idea I’ve wanted to try for 25 years. In these challenging times especially, people want maximum value for their hard earned money. And the way they can get maximum value is by paying for things exactly what they think they are worth. Not a penny more, but not a penny less.

“I’m confident enough in my services, that I am willing to be totally compensated on the basis of the value I deliver.”

Virtual Galt has implemented other innovations, as well. Oaksun has created the Virtual Galt IndexSM, an equally weighed industry diversified passive stock index of companies that have received perfect ratings from a leading lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights organization. According to Oaksun, this index far outperformed the broad market averages over the last 15 years. No comparable index exists.

Oaksun explained, “Our LGBT customers want to make sure they are putting their money to work in companies supportive of their rights and needs. Soon I will create a mutual fund to track the Virtual Galt IndexSM. For now the index proves it is possible to do well by doing good.”

Mr. Oaksun, who has an MBA from Cornell University and several professional accreditations, worked in the financial services industry for nearly 20 years before launching Virtual Galt. Gay, disabled and libertarian, his intention is to focus Virtual Galt on helping his customers find freedom through counseling, risk management, and investment advisory and other services. He refers to himself as a “libertarian financial therapist”.

This explains his interest in gold. “Many libertarians have long favored a return to the gold standard. Well, we can’t get there right now. But there is nothing that says people can’t request payment for their services in gold or other commodities. Once people have confidence that commodities are a better store of value than pieces of paper, we’ll be closer to returning to a gold-based monetary system.”

When questioned about whether this was a good time to start a new venture, Oaksun replied affirmatively and enthusiastically. “Even in the Great Depression, the vast majority of Americans remained employed. Fortunes were lost, it is true. But many fortunes were also made, or started. That’s what I’m trying to do, and what my company will help my customers do.”

Virtual Galt
James Oaksun