Focus on Bacteria and Mold Remediation

New owner of Pure Air Systems, Inc. places more emphasis on the bacteria and mold removal capabilities of HEPA air filtration technology. - August 31, 2006

HEPA Air Filters Now Available Online

Conveniently available from their website, Pure Air Systems, Inc. now makes it easy for owners of HEPA indoor air purifiers to obtain replacement HEPA air filters. By ordering them now, they will be ready for regular fall replacement in air filtration systems. - August 17, 2006

Bird Flu Virus Solution Exported to Pakistan

For those concerned about the much-hyped threat of Asian bird flu, there are preventative measures. Reduce the risk of contamination with one easy solution. - July 31, 2006

Easy Treatment for Dust Allergy

House dust allergies can be significantly alleviated with the right approach. It is no longer necessary to suffer when an accessible remedy exists. - April 19, 2006

Educational Resources about HEPA Air Purifiers are Available Online for End-Use Consumers

Online articles through Pure Air University define HEPA and HVAC industry terminology. Principles of air purification technology are demonstrated and explained to provide consumers an understanding of HEPA systems. - March 24, 2006

HEPA Air Cleaner Website for Builders and HVAC Contractors

Easy access is available for builders and contractors to sales literature, spec-sheets, pricing and installation guidelines for HEPA Air Cleaner systems. Pure Air System's website is a valuable time-saving device and free online reference tool for customers and employees of the building profession. - March 03, 2006

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