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Easy Treatment for Dust Allergy

House dust allergies can be significantly alleviated with the right approach. It is no longer necessary to suffer when an accessible remedy exists.

Clayton, IN, April 19, 2006 --(PR.com)-- For most of the USA, this is the time when the furnaces will be turning off and people will be airing out their homes to relieve the winter-time stuffiness and house dust allergies.  Dust mites have been multiplying and exacerbating the typical dust allergy, therefore everyone begins their annual spring cleaning ritual.  Now is the perfect time to minimize the summertime allergy season before it starts by introducing a whole house HEPA air filtration system – before the house gets closed up again with the air conditioner running.

A dust mite allergy can be briefly remedied by having the duct work cleaned in the home.  However, the allergy will return as the house dust re-accumulates, and the dust mites reproduce.  It happens in this same cycle every year, but it doesn't have to.  The brilliance behind modern HEPA air filter systems is that they have been designed to stop this cycle.  "Ill health due to poor-quality air is the principle reason they were developed", according to Don Musilli, president of Pure Air Systems, Inc.

Having been involved in the manufacture of HEPA air filtration technology since the days of the first prototypes, Mr. Musilli fully understands their purpose and has made sure Pure Air's whole home systems are designed specifically to help people with house dust allergies.  This is why he recommends installing their systems in the spring, if possible.

For more facts about the technology used in premier HEPA air systems, and how they can minimize a dust allergy, visit Pure Air's informative website (www.pureairsystems.com).

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