Affordable Handheld Optical Power Meter

It saves test time and decreases potential errors due to its ability to automatically recognize wavelengths. - May 21, 2010

Toronto Auto Wash Deploys GAO RFID Solution

Toronto Auto Wash, a Canadian company that operates car washes in the Greater Toronto Area, is employing radio frequency identification to track and authorize automobiles that are on their car wash plans. Toronto Auto Wash (TAW) operates four auto wash and gas bar facilities that are strategically... - May 21, 2010

Compact and Light Weight Signal Level Meter Reduced for Clearance

Signal level meter is optimized to analyze signals from different sources for multiple applications such as the installation and maintenance of mobile telecommunications systems, cellular and cordless phone, CB paging, paging systems - October 09, 2009

650nm Fault Locator Ideal for Fiber Optic Networks

The visual fault locator is intended for examining all kinds of patch cords, ribbons or bunched pigtails in the installation and maintenance of fiber optic networks. - October 06, 2009

A New and Innovative Handheld Multi-Functional CCTV Tester

The handheld tester combines many useful functions such as video testing, PTZ control and testing, UTP cable testing and RS485 data testing with a single, portable and easy-to-use device. - August 23, 2009

GAO Launches Highly Portable USB PC Based Oscilloscope

The oscilloscope is commonly used for maintenance of electronic equipment and laboratory work in fields such as science, medicine, engineering and telecommunications. - June 02, 2009

RF Optical Module for WCDMA Optical Repeater

The optical module for the repeater includes a linear analog PD with high sensitivity and a high power DFB laser, a low noise, linear RF amplifier, as well as built-in Bi-Di components and FSK monitor. - May 21, 2009

Voice Development Board Released by GAO

This voice development board supports a maximum of 32 minutes voice recording and playback by connecting to one or two uplinked DIP ISD3300/4003/4004 series 3V chips. - May 13, 2009

Mini-OTDR Packed with Rich Features from GAO

This lightweight, fiber optic instrument is specially designed for engineers and technicians for the measurement of unit/connection/transmission loss and for the location of faults or breaks in optical fibers. - May 13, 2009

GAO Provides 2.45GHz RFID Wristband Active Tag

The compact and conveniently sized tag is widely used for tracking of personnel, patients or babies in hospitals, care centers, and other institutions such as schools, offices, or even sports centers. - May 12, 2009

A Core ARM Processing Board Announced by GAO

New version of its ARM Development Kit processing board is designed to extend the basic features of its NXP microcontroller, which has an ARM-based core. - May 09, 2009

GAO's New Gen 2 RFID Laundry Tag

This passive RFID tag meets all endurance requirements in terms of heat, pressure and chemical resistance, and is used for contactless tracking of garments in the textile rental and laundry industries. - May 07, 2009

Network Video Server Packed with Rich Features from GAO

GAO Tek Inc.( has released its network video server(GAOTVS-12) which performs fast, high quality video compression by using a high-speed digital signal processor. It is an ideal solution for transmission of video and audio over networks in real time. This multi-functional network... - April 29, 2009

Super Signal Level Meter Announced by GAO

GAO Tek Inc.( announced the release of its Super Signal Level Meter (GAO1185B). This CATV meter supports C/N measurement, voltmeter functions, spectrum analysis, auto test and data logging. It also provides all commonly used functions most widely used by professionals in the CATV... - April 29, 2009

Upgraded Universal Programmer from GAO

GAO Tek Inc. is pleased to provide its upgraded universal programmer. It is designed to support more than 16000 devices to meet the various needs for device programming and IC testing. - April 16, 2009

GAO Tek Inc. Introduces Precision LCR Meter

The LCR meter operates in the 75kHz to 30MHz frequency band with a resolution of 100Hz. Signal level range is 5mV to 2V. - April 03, 2009

GAO Introduces Upgraded Universal Programmer Series

The new VP280 and VP380 models are each capable of handling different devices such as various Programmable Read-Only Memory (PROM), Programmable Logic Device (PLD), flash microcontrollers, serial and parallel memory. - March 27, 2009

GAO Offers Its 13.56MHz RFID HF Reader Module

GAO 713010 is specially designed to serve three distinct market applications: product authentication, access control and contactless payment. - February 11, 2009

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