Toronto Auto Wash Deploys GAO RFID Solution

Toronto, Canada, May 21, 2010 --( Toronto Auto Wash, a Canadian company that operates car washes in the Greater Toronto Area, is employing radio frequency identification to track and authorize automobiles that are on their car wash plans. Toronto Auto Wash (TAW) operates four auto wash and gas bar facilities that are strategically located throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The system has allowed TAW to improve service for its customers, eliminate the loss of revenue due to unpaid car washes and better manage a multi location business.

The system, developed by Toronto's GAO RFID Inc. (, utilizes GAO's GenTop reader and fixed UHF readers, antennas and EPC Gen 2 passive ultra high frequency (UHF) windshield tags. The Car Wash System is powered by GAO's LocateWare software.

TAW does car washes for many GTA drivers. They provide washes for corporate fleets including the taxis and limousines that service Pearson International Airport. TAW also have a brisk retail business that use their full service gas bar and convenience store. Across the different locations TAW handle as many as 1000 washes per week.

The GAO RFID Car Wash System, which has been operational for one year, provides John Badali, the owner of Toronto Auto Wash, with a better view of data that were previously buried in day to day paper work and were too cumbersome and time consuming to dissect and analyze. He now has a better understanding of the information and trends relating to his business. "We had to do something to get control of the business," said Badali. The RFID system lets him see what is happening at each of his locations in real time. With this information he can better balance scheduling of staff, hours of operation and customer flow to specific locations. Customer service has improved. Wait times have been shortened and in most cases eliminated. The new system has made the job easier for the staff. As each vehicle enters the car wash facility the status screen confirms the status of every vehicle with an RFID tag. The customer simply drives up and proceeds through the car wash without having to stop and stand in line to pay. TAW is able to process more vehicles during busy periods. Renewal of services for fleet customers with RFID tags is as simple as a phone call or email. The Car Wash System gives Badali visibility by account and the number of washes by vehicle and by time and date. TAW is planning to create a similar program for retail customers which will further improve service, customer retention and improve efficiency.

"This is one of about 400 successful RFID projects since GAO RFID Inc.'s founding in 2006," says Dr. Frank Gao, CEO of GAO RFID Inc.

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