Indiana Private Detective Suggests Methods for Loss Prevention

Indiana detective has seen it all and shares ideas to help businesses. Simple loss prevention measures need not wait until after a loss, according to Indiana private detective. - September 01, 2006

Eavesdropping Detection Requests Rising

Indiana PI reports rise in bug sweep services due to concerns of government spying. As a result, eavesdropping detection scams are rising, too. - August 17, 2006

Indiana Private Investigator Warns of Cell Phone Bugs

Increasing number of illegal cellular phone bugs found in Indiana by private investigator generates concerns. Increased requests for needed TSCM (technical surveillance countermeasures) services in Indiana prompts investigator to publish advisory. - August 05, 2006

Indianapolis Investigator Warns of Need for Intellectual Property Protection

US businesses are feeling the impact of stiff foreign competition. Review the facts shared by an Indianapolis investigator about intelligence tactics and how to secure proprietary information. - April 18, 2006

Indianapolis Private Investigator Firm Announces New Staff Member

Distinguished certified fraud examiner joins team of Indianapolis private investigators. An experienced criminal investigator, Randy Rowley, CFE specializes in forensic accounting and fraud matters. - April 18, 2006

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