UX Masterclass Set Stage for Attendees to Learn from 40 Global UX Experts

The fourth UX Masterclass on Sept. 15 and 16 at The Field Museum in Chicago offered fresh insights into design strategies capable of advancing not only the understanding of the customer’s interactions with products and services, but also dramatically shift an organization’s mindset to enhance the customer experience. - September 25, 2011

Chinese Consumers Turned Off by Lack of Localization in American Websites

Localization is an emerging and important business strategy that evaluates sensitivity to cultural distinctions critical to encouraging local users to purchase foreign products. - July 14, 2011

Best Practices for Designing Mobile Touch Screen Applications

With over 200 mobile projects managed, User Centric has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of mobile application design, and has compiled this list of best practices for designing mobile apps. - June 23, 2011

User Centric Contributes to Forrester Call Center Research

With over 20 years experience in usability testing and usability research, User Centric devises practical solutions to meet business objectives that drastically improve the customer experience and call center culture. Forrester Research, Inc. has reached out to User Centric Managing Directors for their call-center expertise. - March 16, 2011

10 Reasons to Make Usability Testing a Priority in Your Product Life Cycle

Is your company's fiscal future fuzzy? Are your products long lasting? Consider User Centric Inc.'s 10 reasons to include usability testing in your product life cycle. - February 06, 2011

Borders to Host Book Signing for Robert Schumacher

Bob Schumacher will be at the Borders (Oak Brook, IL) November 24th signing copies of the recently published, Handbook of Global User Research (Morgan Kaufmann Publishers). - November 21, 2009

User Centric, Inc. Celebrates 10 Years: Impacting the Lives of Millions Around the World

Celebrating 10 years in the user research field, User Centric's research and design spans multiple industries and hundreds of clients across the globe. - October 10, 2009

User Centric Details Three Ways to Improve the Usability of Recipes

User Centric user experience consultant highlights how to make recipes more user friendly with a few minor changes to the layout. - November 20, 2008

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