Buyers Group International Announces Target Acquisition & Plans to Uplist

Buyer Group International, Inc. (BYRG.PK) announced today an update to its shareholders that it intends to make a target acquisition for the Company. - March 13, 2014

Buyer Group International, Inc. Verifies Letter of Intent for $3 Million

Buyer Group International, Inc., General Partner, receives letter of interest from Falcon Financial of New York acting as lead agent to act on behalf of Gryphon Productions Ltd. in connection with a proposed private placement offering up to $3,000,000 in exchange for interest in BLOOD WILL TELL, a feature motion picture for worldwide theatrical release in 35mm color negative, anticipated for spring release. - September 12, 2011

"Treasures in Hiding" Crews Up with on Camera Placement Boat, a 41' Yawl Named Finn Mccool

Buyer Group International, Inc. and Gryphon Productions Ltd. enhances Pre-production Launch for "Treasures In Hiding" Crews Up with on Camera Boat, a 41' Yaw named Finn McCool owned by Niel McCool of Florida. - July 14, 2011

Buyer Group International Options Original Screenplay, "Recovery" by Alex Weis

Following on the heels of "To My Senses", Alexandrea Weis collaborates on "Blood Will Tell" and "Treasures in Hiding" while Buyer Group International, Inc. options the motion picture rights for Weis' second novel, the romantic thriller “Recovery” (ISBN... - July 07, 2011

Gryphon Productions Seeking Theatrical Motion Picture Releases for Enhanced Marketing Efforts

Distribution Company acquired by Buyer Group International, Inc., ramps up marketing strategy to include “four walling” theatrical motion picture releases, promoting films by working with an extensive nationwide network of major theatres. - July 07, 2011

Gryphon Distribution Continues Expansion with Preproduction Launch for Treasures in Hiding

Following announcement to capitalize on Gryphon Distribution's verification of governmental permit for search and salvage rights for sunken treasure, verifies sites by making an action adventure motion picture titled “Treasures in Hiding.” - July 07, 2011

Buyer Group International Obtains Motion Picture Rights for Multiple Screenplays by Alex Weis

While collaborating with up and coming fiction writer Alexandrea Weis on two screenplays, Buyer Group International, Inc. has obtained the motion picture rights for Weis' second novel, the romantic thriller “Recovery” (ISBN 453875700). - June 28, 2011

Buyer Group International, Inc. Enters Joint Venture on Barstow Corridor Project Valued at $7.8 Million – with Eye on Future Appreciation to $12 Million

In November 2008, Buyer Group International, Inc. (BYRG.PK) happily agreed to participate in a joint venture that will develop a 40-acre property in the Barstow corridor between Los Angeles and Las Vegas valued at approximately $7.8 Million. The property is situated on a highway access point and... - January 23, 2009

Buyer Group Receives 2nd Round of Comments from Securities and Exchange Commission

BGI receives 2nd round of comments from SEC. - January 14, 2009

Buyer Group Announces Re-location to Support New Markets

Buyer Group International, Inc. remains committed to providing its shareholders with a viable and profitable business. Buyer Group has announced a move of its head office to better facilitate the planning of a new community project. They have relocated executive offices to work closely with land... - January 13, 2009

Buyer Group Requests for Permitting Proposal Austin's Largets Engineering Firm Bury+Partners, Inc.

Developer hires Austin's largest engineering firm Bury+Partners to provide the permit plan for the development of 20 acres single lot master planned community project in the North Austin growth corridor. - January 13, 2009

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