"Treasures in Hiding" Crews Up with on Camera Placement Boat, a 41' Yawl Named Finn Mccool

Buyer Group International, Inc. and Gryphon Productions Ltd. enhances Pre-production Launch for "Treasures In Hiding" Crews Up with on Camera Boat, a 41' Yaw named Finn McCool owned by Niel McCool of Florida.

Dallas, TX, July 14, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Hot on the heels of the pre-production launch of theatrical motion picture "Treasures in Hiding" the research and pre-production team for Buyer Group International, Inc. and Gryphon Productions has secured placement for the on camera production team aboard a 41' yawl named Finn McCool provided by Mr. Niel McCool of Florida.

Treasures in Hiding, the theatrical motion picture, will be based upon the actual search and recovery of a Spanish galleon site, and the history that surrounds its legacy.

Project leader and founder Mr. Tony Grindl was quoted as saying, "Shooting a picture on water is an advanced lesson in film making one no one will teach you at film school. You have to have a good team and lots of support platforms to do it right and with the addition of the Finn McCool 41' yawl made for open seas, we expect the initial stages of filming to go a lot smoother."

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