Jackson Hewitt® in Silver Spring Opens Doors for 2012 Tax Season

Nearly 6,500 Convenient Locations Nationwide Ready to Assist Taxpayers; For Quality, Accurate Tax Return Service, an Exceptional Client Experience and to Feel Tax Refund Joy, "Jackson Hewitt’s How You Do It!SM" - January 12, 2012

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® Cites Five Most Important Tax Law Changes for 2010

Each year, taxpayers leave money on the table by failing to claim deductions and credits available to them when filing their annual tax returns. The Silver Spring, MD Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® office highlight the five most important tax law changes for 2010. “Many taxpayers are not... - March 02, 2010

Silver Spring, Four Corners Jackson Hewitt® Offers Tips for Choosing a Tax Preparer

With the 2010 tax filing season underway, many Silver Spring taxpayers may be wondering where to turn for help in filing their annual tax returns. - February 01, 2010

Jackson Hewitt® Four Corner Office Asks: Want a Tax Refund Fast?

Filing and Refund Delivery Options Can Help. IRS e-file, W-2 Download Help Tax Filers Expecting a Refund. - January 22, 2010

Jackson Hewitt Provides Vital Tax Benefit Information for Unemployed Taxpayers in the Silver Spring Area

New Tax Benefit Exempts the First $2,400 of Unemployment Compensation from Taxable Income. - January 11, 2010

Jackson Hewitt - Four Corners Office Outlines Important Tips for Last-Minute Tax Return Filers

Today kicks off the final week of tax season 2009; and with just seven days left, millions of consumers have yet to file an income tax return. For those people, the last few days before the official deadline could prove to be nerve-racking. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service - Four Corners office has... - April 12, 2009

Jackson Hewitt – Four Corners Serves Up Tax Savings for Area Food and Beverage Workers

Participating Locations in Silver Spring Four Corners Offer Discounts for Food and Beverage Workers from March 9 through 15. - March 11, 2009

New Tax Law Changes Can Help Taxpayers Save Money Jackson Hewitt – Four Corners Highlights Changes That May Spell Tax Time Savings for Maryland Taxpayers

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® - Four Corners office encourages taxpayers to find out how these new tax credits and deductions can help lower their individual tax liability and possibly put more money back in their pockets this tax season. - March 08, 2009

Jackson Hewitt® Four Corners Offers Insight on Itemizing Deductions on 2008 Tax Returns

To ensure consumers get the most out of their tax return this tax season, The Jackson Hewitt - Four Corners office, offers advice on determining when to itemize deductions. “Itemizing on a tax return is not just for homeowners seeking to deduct mortgage interest and property taxes,”... - March 06, 2009

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service – Four Corners Urges Taxpayers to be Aware of Commonly Overlooked Deductions

In this economy, every dollar counts. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service® - Four Corners office urges taxpayers to be aware of the most commonly overlooked deductions that may help increase their refund or keep more money in their pockets this tax season. “One way to help maximize your dollars... - March 06, 2009

Jackson Hewitt® Four Corners Celebrates Tradespersons, Maintenance, Construction and Union Workers with Occupation-Related Tax Savings from February 25 Through March 8

The Jackson Hewitt - Four Corners office, celebrates laborers, maintenance and construction workers today through Sunday, March 8, 2009, when participating Jackson Hewitt locations will offer mechanics, welders, electricians, plumbers, truck / bus drivers, maintenance, construction, Union workers... - March 05, 2009

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