Silver Spring, Four Corners Jackson Hewitt® Offers Tips for Choosing a Tax Preparer

With the 2010 tax filing season underway, many Silver Spring taxpayers may be wondering where to turn for help in filing their annual tax returns.

Silver Spring, MD, February 01, 2010 --( With the 2010 tax filing season underway, many Silver Spring taxpayers may be wondering where to turn for help in filing their annual tax returns. For them and the millions of taxpayers who will reach out for professional tax preparation now and over the next few months, the question is, what exactly should taxpayers look for when choosing a tax preparer?

“Each year there are new or changed tax rules, making it hard for taxpayers to stay abreast of all the information that may affect their individual lifestyle and financial situation,” said John J. Lah, MBA, CFA, and Owner of Silver Spring Four Corners Jackson Hewitt Tax Service®. “Plus, 2009 brought a range new ‘pro-consumer’ tax changes driven by the Economic Stimulus Plan. Sitting down with a tax preparer to discuss your individual situation can definitely be beneficial – as long as you select the right resource.”

The team at the Jackson Hewitt - Four Corners office, which has been serving the Silver Spring area taxpayers, offers its top tips for finding the right tax preparer for an individual’s needs:

· Experience: Select a tax preparation company and/or tax preparer who is well-established, in other words, has been in business for many years and has experience preparing many different types of individual income tax returns. Taxpayers will want to ensure that the tax preparer can handle your unique needs, whether you have an easy return with one W-2 or have a more complicated return – for example, because you are self-employed.

· Knowledge: Taxpayers will want to ensure that the tax preparer is up-to-date on the new and changed tax laws, has state-of-the-art tax preparation software and has quality training on the current tax laws. Mr. Lah notes that Jackson Hewitt offers a comprehensive tax preparer training curriculum, including basic, intermediate and advanced courses, as well as ethics and ongoing update training.

· Accuracy: Verify that the tax preparer has quality, up-to-date software with built-in error checks. Mr. Lah notes that Jackson Hewitt provides a Free Accuracy Guarantee…it’s our Basic Guarantee. For added accuracy check, filing a tax return electronically via IRS e-file provides checks on common errors, such as mathematical ones. Other additional benefits of e-filing a return versus mailing a return include: faster receipt of an expected refund and confirmation within 48 hours that your tax return has been received by the IRS. At Jackson Hewitt, IRS e-file is known as “IRS Direct” and is provided free with paid tax preparation.

· Guarantee: Make sure that the tax preparer will stand behind the work that they do for you. Taxpayers will want to ensure that you will be reimbursed all penalties and interest charged by a taxing authority for any tax preparer error. “At Jackson Hewitt, every paid tax return comes with a Free Accuracy Guarantee - our Basic Guarantee - that provides the client with reimbursement of penalties and interest charged by a taxing authority if a Jackson Hewitt tax preparer makes an error preparing a return. A benefit like this provides another level of quality and instills confidence in every return prepared,” explains Mr. Lah. The Company also provides, for a fee, a Gold Guarantee®. The Gold Guarantee* is in addition to the free Basic Guarantee and can provide reimbursement for any additional tax liability or reduction in a refund amount up to $5,000.

· Year-Round Support: Finally, be sure that the tax preparation service provides year-round access should tax-related questions or concerns arise.
To contact a Jackson Hewitt office nearest you in Silver Spring, MD, please call (301) 681-7180. For information on new and changed tax laws, as well as a handy list of “What to Bring to Your Tax Preparer”, visit the Jackson Hewitt website

* The Gold Guarantee is in addition to a customer’s coverage under the Basic Guarantee which is included with paid tax preparation whether or not you choose to purchase the Gold Guarantee.

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