MacA&D OSX 2.2 - Software Design for PHP and Enhanced Code Generation

Excel Software is shipping MacA&D OSX 2.2 for system and software modeling, requirement management, code generation, reengineering and project reports. This major release supports PHP design and code generation plus enhanced requirement management, diagram generation and editing. The new Global... - June 22, 2007

WinTranslator 3.0 - C# Models from Code

Excel Software began shipping WinTranslator 3.0 for generating models from source code. This major upgrade adds support for C#, a new User's Guide, sample projects and step-by-step tutorials. C# is a modern object-oriented language that supports component-oriented programming with fields, methods,... - April 21, 2007

WinA&D 5.1 - Software Design & Requirements Management Tool Adds C# Models and Code Generation

Excel Software began shipping WinA&D 5.1 for system analysis, requirements management, software models, code generation, reengineering and project reports. This major upgrade adds C# modeling and code generation plus enhancements for requirements management, diagram generation and editing. C#... - April 20, 2007

Excel Software Offers Trial Edition Downloads of QuickCRC, QuickUML and QuickHelp for Software Developers

Excel Software updated the QuickCRC, QuickUML and QuickHelp tools for Windows and Mac OS X software developers. The updates enhance the user interface and productivity plus add free trial editions at - October 03, 2006

Excel Software Ships WinA&D 5.0

System Models, Time Simulation & Dynamic Charts - May 03, 2006

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