WinA&D 5.1 - Software Design & Requirements Management Tool Adds C# Models and Code Generation

Placitas, NM, April 20, 2007 --( Excel Software began shipping WinA&D 5.1 for system analysis, requirements management, software models, code generation, reengineering and project reports. This major upgrade adds C# modeling and code generation plus enhancements for requirements management, diagram generation and editing.

C# is a modern object-oriented language that supports component-oriented programming with fields, methods, properties and events. UML class diagrams show relationships between C# classes, interfaces, structs and their generic counterparts. WinA&D 5.1 supports UML models enriched with C# language specific details used to automatically generate source code from models or create models from code.

Code generation capabilities in WinA&D have been enhanced for other languages including C, Pascal, Fortran, Basic, C++, Java, Delphi, Ada and SQL. New customization options give the developer more control over the content and format of generated code, how code files are named and where they are stored. The Generate Code button in the tool bar creates code from a class model with one mouse click.

Requirement entries are defined as structured information in a Requirement Definition dialog controlled by a template with user-defined field and value choices. WinA&D 5.1 enables template changes to be applied across existing entries and requirement entries to be checked for missing or inconsistent data. Requirement entries can be linked to any kind of target document, diagram or specific diagram objects to provide two-way traceability. New capabilities simplify linking and navigating between thousands of requirement entries and targets. The enhanced Requirement Matrix window presents data through user-defined views and queries.

Diagram editors for process, state, structure, class, data, object and task models have been enhanced with a new geometric shape tool, new caption properties, grid lines, scroll wheel support and an object size synchronization dialog. The new Shape Properties dialog supports 48 geometric shapes, border color, fill color, shadows and line thickness. Text can be added and positioned within each shape.

Designers can control the class members (attributes, operations, properties and events) and the level of detail (access, data type and arguments) displayed on class diagrams with checkbox options and custom presentation rules. Dialogs for editing class member details are enhanced with Up and Down buttons to navigate between class members for enhanced productivity.

WinA&D for Windows has a $495 Standard edition, $1295 Desktop edition and $1995 Developer edition. See for product information, site license pricing and secure online ordering.

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