A Green Ad Agency Goes Philanthropic

Hybrid is now offering philanthropic co-branding opportunities between top brands and charity causes. - June 17, 2009

Fighting Cancer, in a Hybrid way

Hybrid Media Group is currently pursuing co-branding opportunities for Cancer Research Institute with top brands. - June 13, 2009

Green Ad Agency and Community Voice Mail Are Calling for Attention

Hybrid is delighted to support Community Voice Mail and help bring their cause to the front. - June 11, 2009

Rasa Productions and Hybrid Media Group Forge a Connection to the Community

Hybrid Media Group has made efforts to reach out to the local community through charitable donations and community oriented activity. Working closely with Rasa Productions (www.rasa-productions.com), a non-profit local arts foundation, Hybrid has created a partnership that has helped to infuse the Ft. Lauderdale community with culture and artistic expression as well as enrich local arts education. - April 29, 2009

Florida Based Marketing Firm Leads the Green Revolution

Hybrid Media is leading the way in the field of alternative energy by pairing with the Ocean Energy Council (OEC), an organization dedicated to promoting public knowledge and acceptance of the ocean as a viable energy source. - April 19, 2009

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