A Green Ad Agency Goes Philanthropic

Hybrid is now offering philanthropic co-branding opportunities between top brands and charity causes.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, June 17, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Hybrid Media Group, a Florida based green advertising agency, is leading the green revolution by offering green advertising solutions to top brands nationally and supporting environmental causes with their every day operations. As a part of its mission for a better business environment, Hybrid is now offering philanthropic co-branding opportunities between top brands and charity causes. The donation is given from Hybrid’s end, on behalf of their clients, to a charity of their clients’ choice (from their participating charities). There is no charge for the matching service and, in most cases, no required minimum donation as the money is produced through their advertising services.

By incorporating green and philanthropic elements into existing promotions and bottom-line-driven campaigns, Hybrid’s goal is to change the advertising world with the vision that one day every ad and promotion produced will support a humanitarian or environmental cause, and will be executed in an eco-friendly way without forfeiting advertising spending or sales driven messages.

As a part of its efforts, Hybrid has partnered with top environmental and charity organizations, each addressing a different need within society. Partner charities include:

Cancer Research Institute (www.cancerresearch.org),
Food Bank For New York City (www.foodbanknyc.org),
Giving Children Hope (www.gchope.org),
EarthShare (www.earthshare.org),
Amazon Conservation Association (www.amazonconservation.org),
Circle of Friends for American Veterans (www.vetsvision.org),
Community Voice Mail (www.cvm.org)
Ocean Energy Council (www.oceanenergycouncil.com)

Additional charities are expected to join the efforts in the upcoming weeks.

This partnership allows for this selective group of front causes to be featured in various marketing campaigns and co-branding efforts with Hybrid’s clients, while maintaining exclusivity within their category to avoid diluted efforts. Hybrid’s clients get the chance to support philanthropic causes by doing their every day advertising initiatives with no sacrifice to their ROI or active promotions.

This new generation of advertising is giving corporate America the opportunity to re-connect with their communities by being green and philanthropic while doing their everyday business. Hybrid Media Group is the first advertising agency to offer that kind of a solution, with the hope that many will follow.

To find out more about co-branding opportunities through Hybrid Media Group, or to find out more about its partners, contact limor@hybridmediagroup.com or visit www.hybridmediagroup.com.

Hybrid Media Group
Rebecca Inclan