Christmas Suprise Giveaway

LowVARates is providing up to $250 of Christmas presents for a fortunate military family. To nominate a family, please submit a 200 word essay to stating why the military family should win the contest. - December 12, 2009

Many Military Families Are Unable to Close VA Streamline & IRRRLS

AME Financial Corporation recently received notification from one of their main mortgage investors that they have been suspended from selling VA streamline loans or VA IRRRLS. - October 30, 2009

Charity Event Raises Over $5,000 for Military Families hosted a charity golf tournament to raise money for military families with deployed spouses. The Layton City Mayor attended the event along with representatives from every branch of the military. - September 17, 2009

The President Makes It Law to Help Struggling Veteran and Military Home Owners

Congress and the President have both acted in a bold move to help assist thousands of deserving military home owners to prevent foreclosure and make the cost of home ownership easier to bear. In October on this year (2008) President Bush signed into law, the Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of... - November 13, 2008

VA Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMS) Are in High Demand Across the Nation

It has been many years since we have we seen such a demand for VA ARM loans. There is something very important to learn from this recent trend and how this is affecting VA home owners across the country. With our great nation falling deeper and faster into a recession, more and more home owners find themselves unable to afford their homes and many other necessities. - June 10, 2008

Why Told VA Loan Holders to Lock Loans in 2 Months Ago and Reiterate That Request Again

In December of 2007 issued a press release titled, "Veteran home owners must pull the rate lock trigger immediately." In this press release home owners were advised to quit waiting around for interest rates to go lower and to lock in their rates immediately. Currently the VA interest rate market, along with conventional and all other interest rates for that matter has risen to new highs. In summary, interest rates are climbing and there is not a real clear end in sight. - February 21, 2008

Veteran Home Owners Must Pull the Rate Lock Trigger Immediately

The recent .25% rate cut by the Federal Reserve on Monday the 11th of December 2007, has caused VA mortgage rates to increase. Most home owners will automatically assume that due to a Fed rate cut of any size, that interest rates on VA loans should follow suit and go lower also. This is very far from accurate. - December 14, 2007

The Federal Reserve Rate Cut and Its Effect on VA Home Loans has dedicated itself to educating and assisting Veteran Home Owners through its state of the art website and ongoing relationships with some of the most trusted VA Lenders in the nation. This press release includes a unique look into one of most trusted partners, Flagship Financial Group's Government Loan Pro Division. - September 20, 2007

Subprime Mortgage Woes and Federal Bailout Not Needed

No matter where you turn today, if the news is about housing or mortgages, it seems as though everyone is in a complete panic and all they can talk about is the huge "subprime mess." For years and have been educating clients on why using federally guaranteed or insured loans is the absolute safest and most secure route to home ownership in the great Nation that we live. - September 08, 2007 Adds User Interaction and More Assistance via Live Chat

In an attempt to further its goal of bringing the dream of home ownership to veterans and active military across the Nation, has taken great strides in improving its website so that gaining access to some of the most common questions regarding VA Loans and veteran eligibility is now right at its visitor's finger tips. - April 28, 2007

Interest Rates on VA Home Loans for Veterans Hit a 6 Month Low

Recent comments by the Federal Reserve and current economic indicators have caused a drastic drop in VA home loan interest rates recently and signs indicate they will stay low into 2007. - September 22, 2006 is Now a Preferred Partner with and

LowVArates continues to reach outside of the box in its attempt to provide as much value as possible to the Nation's military homeowners. Veteran Home Owners or potential buyers are now able to find great deals on realestate across the country by searching for bank owned properties and foreclosures. Please visit their site and then search under the links section to be directed immediately to the USHUD and HUDEXCHANGE. - August 10, 2006

The $250 Challenge is offering a $250 challenge to any veteran borrower who qualifies for a loan.  Whether you use your VA entitlement and go with a VA loan or if you choose to go with a NON VA loan, LowVARates guarantees that one of their preferred lenders will get you the lowest APR on the... - July 13, 2006 Unveils 7 Habits of Highly Effective Verteran Home Owners

LowVARates set out with a goal to show future and prospective veteran homebuyers how to effectively manage themselves prior to applying for a VA loan. - July 12, 2006

VA Interest Rates on the Rise for VA Home Loans

If you are looking to use your VA benfits to purchase a home loan, then now is the time to buy. - May 26, 2006

VA Loan Holders Can Now Cash Out and/or Consolidate Debts with

For years there has been a major misunderstanding in the VA loan industry.  It has been a common belief among VA Home Owners and Lenders that if a veteran home owner wanted to get cash out of their property, that they would have to get a 2nd mortgage or go to a conventional loan. ... - May 16, 2006

Veterans and Active Military Personnel Now Have a Friend in the Mortgage Business is excited to be filling a void that has been long past due. Active military and veterans have always felt that most lending institutions, banks, mortgage companies etc have not completely understood the complex dealings of a VA Loan. This misunderstanding has caused hundreds of thousands of eligible VA Borrowers to be convinced or pushed into other types of conventional loans that have not been nearly as beneficial as a VA Loan would have been. - May 11, 2006

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