Fruit Sticker Catalog Now Available on Colnect

Fruit sticker collectors can now trade fruit stickers and manage their collections using Colnect's new centralized wiki-like fruit sticker catalog. - March 19, 2018

700,007 Stamps on Colnect

Colnect's free online wiki stamp catalog now lists more than 700,007 stamps from 374 past and present territories. - January 14, 2018

15,000+ Listings on Colnect Marketplace

The amount of collectibles offered for sale is growing rapidly on Colnect's newborn marketplace. Sellers now create more then 1,000 every day. - January 08, 2018

Colnect Marketplace Has Been Launched

The Colnect marketplace is now available for everybody interested in trading mass-produced collectibles. The catalog descriptions of items are available in the sales on the Colnect Marketplace. - December 27, 2017

15,151 Collectors Collect and Connect on Colnect

Colnect – a website for collectors around the world – grew more than a thousand members in just a month time. Last August, Colnect announced 14,141 members in their community. This follows the trend of the catalogs’ growth. There is directly proportional relationship with the... - September 27, 2010

Collectors Flock to Colnect - 80,008+ People Visited Colnect in August

More than 80,008 visitors dropped by the collector's community website, Colnect - September 03, 2010

14,141 Collectors Collect on Colnect (Stamps/Coins/Banknotes...)

Colnect reaches a milestone of over 14,141 collectors. The company continues to welcome more collectors to join. - August 24, 2010

Gift Cards & Casino Player Cards - New Catalogs for Collector on Colnect

Collector of gift cards and casino player cards can now enjoy extensive catalogs on Colnect catering especially to these categories. The catalogs can be used to manage a collector's personal collection and easily coordinate trades with other collectors. - June 26, 2010

Collectors Gain from Colnect and WorthPoint Partnership

Colnect and Worthpoint announce a new partnership meant to serve collectors better by offering complimenting services. - May 07, 2010

Free Stamp Catalog to Eclipse 100,000 Stamps

Colnect Collectors Club ( announced that its stamp catalog reached a significant milestone today, as over 100,000 stamps have been uploaded onto the site for its collectors to mark in their "Collection," "Swap" and "Wish" lists. - April 26, 2010

10,000 Collectors Collect and Connect on Colnect

Colnect Collectors Club ( achieved a prestigious milestone today, as the site announced that it now has over 10,000 collectors worldwide. - March 17, 2010

Partnership Between Colnect Collectors Club and FreshersWorld Garners Enthusiasm from Indian Students

In response to the partnership agreement between Colnect Collectors Club ( and, India's most popular students web-site, thousands of young Indians submitted applications to become Campus Ambassadors for FreshersWorld and are now eligible to fill three internship places at Colnect. - March 12, 2010

Colnect's PhoneCards Catalog for Collectors Exceeds 222,222

Colnect Collector Club's ( phonecards catalog, which already was the largest in the world (according to, has continued to grow and now features over 222,222 cards from 229 countries. - March 10, 2010

Collectors Flock to Manage Their Collections and Swap Lists on Colnect

Colnect Collectors Club ( announced that its popularity amongst collectors has surged in recent weeks, with both site traffic and new member registrations reaching record levels. - February 25, 2010

Colnect Surpasses 8,888 Collectors

Colnect Collectors Club ( reached an important milestone today, as more than 8,888 collectors from around the world have registered on the site. - February 17, 2010

Colnect's Tea Bag Catalog Surpasses 3,000 Items

Colnect Collectors Club ( announced today that its tea bag catalog, which has grown steadily in recent months, now features over 3,000 tea bags from 48 countries. - February 17, 2010

90,000 Stamps in Colnect's Free Catalog for Stamp Collectors

Colnect's stamp catalog has experienced significant growth recently and has now surpassed 90,000 stamps, with over 8,000 having been added in the last 30 days. - February 16, 2010

Colnect Unveils Dynamic New Look to Improve Collecting Experience for Collectors

Colnect Collectors Club ( has launched a brand new layout designed to make the site both prettier and easier to use for its collectors. - February 07, 2010

Collectors Visited Colnect Over 111,111 Times in January

Colnect Collectors Club ( set new traffic records in January, as over 111,111 visits were made to the site throughout the month, marking a 16.16% increase from December. This milestone reflects Colnect's continued surge in popularity and its strong commitment to expanding the resources available to collectors. - February 06, 2010

Colnect Partners with FreshersWorld to Create New Opportunity for Indian Students

Colnect announced today the formation of a partnership with India's most popular students web-site,, in which three talented Indian students will have the opportunity of travelling to Tel Aviv and interning with the start-up. FreshersWorld has launched a new program called... - January 16, 2010

Colnect Collectors' Hotel Key Cards Catalogue Exceeds 2,000 Keys

Colnect Collectors Club ( announced today that over 2,000 hotel key cards are now displayed in its on-line catalogs, with the vast majority of these having been added in the past thirty days. - January 07, 2010

Colnect Finishes Close 2nd in Tech-Aviv Peer Awards Competition

Colnect Collectors Club ( captured 2nd place in the Tech Aviv's inaugural Peer Awards competition, losing by a single vote to the champion 5Min. This placement follows Colnect's earlier victory this year in the European Startup 2.0 Competition. - January 02, 2010

20,000+ Coins Catalogued on Colnect's Free Coin Catalog for Coin Collectors

Colnect Collectors Club ( announced today that over 20,000 coins are now displayed in its on-line catalogs, with nearly 1,000 of these having been added in the last month. This milestone reflects the web-site's commitment to maintaining one of the most comprehensive, up-to-date coin... - December 22, 2009

Postcard Collectors Are Welcome to Check Colnect's Postcard Catalog

Colnect Collectors Club ( announced today that it has added the category of postcards to its catalogs. This makes it the tenth category to be displayed on the site, following the well-established catalogs featuring phonecards, stamps, coins, banknotes, and bottle caps, along with the relatively new tea bags, bank cards, hotel key cards, and transportation tickets. - December 08, 2009

Colnect Collectors Club Thanksgiving Gift - Three New Categories - Transportation Tickets, Hotel Key Cards and Bank Cards

Colnect Collectors Club ( announced Thursday that it has expanded its catalogs by adding three new categories: bank cards, hotel key cards, and transportation tickets. This brings the total number of categories offered on the site to nine, in addition to the well-established catalogs... - November 28, 2009

World's Biggest Phone Cards Catalog to Top 200,00 Phonecards

Colnect Collectors Club ( today announced that there are more than 200,000 phonecards featured in its on-line catalog, including an impressive 4,000 that have been added within the last month alone. This database's growth can be attributed to the continual support and updates made by a... - November 27, 2009

80,000 Stamps on Colnect's Free Stamp Catalog

Colnect Collectors Club ( today announced that there are more than 80,000 stamps featured in its on-line catalog, including over 3,000 that have been added within the last month. These numbers have been made possible through the assistance of hundreds of registered users who volunteer their time to ensure that Colnect's catalogs remain comprehensive and up-to-date. (The stamp catalog can be found at ). - November 24, 2009

6,666 Collectibles Collectors Collect and Connect on Colnect

6,666 collectors - 46,666 monthly visitors - 2,123,456 monthly page views Colnect reports an impressive growth in traffic. - October 31, 2009

Collecting Tea Bags? Colnect Collectors Club Presents the World's First Tea Bag Catalog for Tea Bag Collectors.

If you're a tea bags collector, have friends who collect tea bags or are just curious about this unique collectible, feel welcomed to browse Colnect's online wiki catalog for tea bags - the world's first. - September 03, 2009

5,555 Collectors on Colnect Collectors Club

Colnect's collectors, coming from 88 countries and using Colnect in 38 languages, are now over 5,555 strong. A growth of over 11% in less than a month. - August 28, 2009

Bottle Cap Catalog for Collectors Doubled in Size

During the last few days, Colnect's wiki-like bottle cap catalog has doubled its size. There are currently nearly 11,000 bottle caps listed. - August 25, 2009

5,000 Collectible Bottle Caps for Collectors on Colnect

Bottle caps are now available on Colnect and collectors from around the world can manage their personal collection using the catalog offered on Colnect. The initial catalog of bottle caps already contains over 5,000 bottle caps. - May 26, 2009

One-man Startup Wins European Web2.0 Startup Competition, Overcomes 160 Startups

A one-man startup without funding had won the European Web2.0 startup competition out of 160 participating companies. The members of the jury had unanimously chosen Colnect. - May 08, 2009

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