Colnect Collectors' Hotel Key Cards Catalogue Exceeds 2,000 Keys

Colnect Collectors Club ( announced today that over 2,000 hotel key cards are now displayed in its on-line catalogs, with the vast majority of these having been added in the past thirty days.

Cadiz, Spain, January 07, 2010 --( This milestone indicates tremendous progress is being made for some of the web-site's new category additions, which also include postcards, bank cards, and transportation tickets. Colnect's catalogs operate under wiki-like principles, meaning trusted collectors can add their own personal collections onto the site and make any necessary changes or updates.

"There are so many people to thank that it would be an insult if I were to start and then forget someone. But it was the work of at least 10 dedicated hotel card collectors who turned what was just a dream six weeks ago and created the catalog base that could transform the world's key card collection experience," Colnect founder Amir Wald triumphantly declared. "Our long-term goal is to be able to break into every hotel room," Wald quipped.

Presently, 75 countries are featured in Colnect's hotel key cards catalog, with the largest being Spain at over 600, followed closely by the US with more than 500, while Mexico trails further behind at just over 200.


Colnect has the world's biggest phone cards catalog, with over 200,000 currently being displayed. Colnect also features tens of thousands of items in its stamp catalog, coin catalog, bank note catalog, and bottle cap catalog. In addition, Colnect's newly-created tea bag catalog is growing rapidly and now has over 2,400 items from 47 countries displayed.
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