Atego Ships Its First Multi-Core Virtual Machine for ARM Processors

Aonix Perc Ultra SMP 5.4 enables Symmetrical Multi-Processor (SMP) Java applications to execute efficiently in embedded, ARM processor-based systems. - October 08, 2010

Atego Launches Artisan Studio 7.2

Major release of Artisan Studio introduces role-based Editions; completed DoDAF support for UPDM; Artisan Studio Reviewer enhanced to deliver 80 new metric reports, usability improvements to Artisan Publisher and a new model comparison tool - June 05, 2010

Atego Launches Aonix PERC Ultra SMP 5.4

Atego announces the release of Aonix PERC Ultra SMP® 5.4—one of the most deployed real-time embedded VMs—with support for concurrent multiprocessor garbage collection. PERC Ultra’s garbage collection now dynamically allocates available processors/cores to perform garbage collection tasks without disrupting active Java threads on other cores. - April 29, 2010

Aonix PERC Ultra Virtual Machine Flies High on Recent Business Jet Certification Tests

Rockwell Collins recently passed certification tests on its Venue HD cabin management system powered by Aonix PERC Ultra VM. Aonix PERC Ultra provides deterministic, real-time performance and high productivity development. The award-winning Venue HD CMS is standard equipment on the Cessna Citation CJ4 business jet. - April 15, 2010

Aonix PERC Ultra Virtual Machine Passes Muster on Modernized Guided Missile Cruiser USS Bunker Hill

Atego, the leading independent supplier of industrial-grade, collaborative development tools for engineering complex, mission- and safety-critical architectures, systems, software and hardware, has announced the successful deployment of its industry-leading Aonix PERC Virtual Machine technology in support of Lockheed Martin’s (NYSE: LMT) Java language components used in the Aegis Open Architecture System during recent combat tests. - April 09, 2010

Aonix Adds VxWorks/Intel® Architecture Target Support to ObjectAda Product Line

Aonix has released ObjectAda Real-Time with support for VxWorks/Intel x86 architectures targets. This is the first Ada compiler from Aonix to support VxWorks on Intel and VxSim for x86 targets. ObjectAda fully supports development and debug via Wind River’s Workbench Eclipse-based environment. - November 25, 2009

Aonix Announces New Graphics Support in PERC® Ultra Virtual Machine

Aonix’s PERC Ultra 5.3 offers new AWT/Swing graphics support for embedded and real-time applications. PERC developers can build 2D/3D graphics into their applications using AWT/Swing libraries and hundreds of downloadable community projects. - October 01, 2009

Aonix Announces PERC® Java Virtual Machine for BeagleBoard

Aonix ported its PERC Ultra to ARM’s BeagleBoard, making available a wealth of community projects for AWT/Swing graphics libraries with PERC on the graphics-accelerated ARM board. Combined, BeagleBoard and AWT/Swing provide a fast, cost-effective embedded Java development platform. - October 01, 2009

Aonix Partners with PrismTech on Real-Time Communications for Java Systems

Aonix has inked an alliance agreement with PrismTech that will yield an integration of Aonix’s PERC Ultra virtual machine technology with PrismTech’s OpenFusion CORBA middleware. The companies are co-participants in a funded case study project related to application of Model Based Development approaches. - July 17, 2009

Aonix and SYSGO Team with Industry Consortium to Address Trusted Embedded Computing Issues

Aonix partners with SYSGO in TECOM project Aonix will provide the PERC Ultra Virtual Machine technology and expertise in security and complex embedded systems and SYSGO will provide PikeOS and virtualization expertise to the TECOM (Trusted Embedded Computing)/FP7 project. The team will deliver a secure Java application as part of the TECOM initiative budgeted at 1516639 €. - July 16, 2009

Thales Air Systems Selects Aonix PERC Ultra for Java Execution on Ground Radar Systems

Aonix®, the provider of the PERC® product line for embedded and real-time Java™ developers, announced the selection of the PERC Ultra virtual machine for the NORMANDIE and Ground Master 400 (GM 400) programs. Deterministic behaviour at a very low latency time (a few milliseconds) was... - March 05, 2009

Aonix Releases ObjectAda for Wind River VxWorks RTOS

Aonix has released its first Ada compiler for VxWorks 6.6 with support for Real-Time Process (RTP). This is a full Ada 95 implementation and provides a complete development and build environment. The product is compatible the Eclipse-based Wind River Workbench framework and provides code that can be debugged in concert with C/C++ code for multi-language applications. - February 06, 2009

PERC Ultra SMP Ported to RedHawk Linux

Aonix’s new PERC Ultra SMP has been ported to Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux and NightStar debugging and analysis tools. Together they provide a faster more efficient real-time solution for multicore projects such as simulation and training, data acquisition, imaging and process. - October 30, 2008

Aonix Delivers Java™ Multiprocessor Virtual Machine

Aonix PERC Ultra SMP for multiprocessors is shipping. Early adopters in telecommunications, defence and aerospace can now leverage full SMP benefits and take advantage of microsecond response time without rewriting code. - October 30, 2008

Aonix Brings Ada Kernel Certification Kit to Market

Aonix’s ObjectAda RAVEN certification kit provides the evidence and tools customers need to certify to DO-178B Level A and other standards. Since certification costs from $50 to $100s per line of source code, such tools save companies a significant amount of development cost and time. - October 16, 2008

Aonix Enhances Ada Real-Time Tools for LynxOS RTOS

Aonix has ported its ObjectAda tools to LynxOS RTOS for PowerPC, the preferred environment for engineers building large, complex systems. ObjectAda’s new greatly improved features include an enhanced linker dramatically reduces link time, more efficient debug facility, upgraded support for mixed code, and improved multilanguage debug support, and more. - October 03, 2008

Aonix Provides PERC Ultra Java™ Virtual Machine Technology and Security Expertise to TECOM

Aonix is providing its PERC Ultra JVM and security expertise in TECOM, a European Community Project initiated to create an embedded software/hardware platform that provides security and integrity capable of withstanding external security attacks. Aonix’s role in the project is focused on establishing a secure execution environment that restores consumer confidence in computer solutions. - October 03, 2008

Aonix User Interface Management System Delivers GUI Development for 64-bit Platforms

Significant new release ports TeleUSE to multiple high-performance systems. - September 18, 2008

Aonix PERC Ultra Supports Latest VxWorks Release

Aonix has released PERC Ultra 5.1 for Wind River’s VxWorks 6.6 RTOS and Workbench. PERC Ultra provides Java capabilities and deterministic performance for the aerospace, defence, telecommunications, industrial control and robotics markets where Wind River already maintains a stronghold. - August 08, 2008

Aonix Begins Implementation of Java Multiprocessor Virtual Machine

Responding to market demand in defense and telecommunications sectors, Aonix has launched into the development of PERC Ultra SMP, a symmetric multiprocessing Java virtual machine. Boasting the strengths of Java-scalability, portability and easy maintainability-PERC Ultra SMP will include unique garbage collection capabilities to ensure that it can meet the demands of multiprocessor real-time applications. - June 11, 2008

Aonix Rolls Out Support for Wind River Linux

With this latest release, PERC Ultra 5.1 now supports Wind River Linux and offers plug-and-play compatibility with Wind River’s Eclipse-based Workbench toolset. PERC Ultra and Wind River Linux are strong in scalability, manageability, reliability, security, and performance—characteristics that make both favourites in markets such as aerospace, defense, networking, telecommunications, industrial automation, and robotics. - April 16, 2008

Aonix Speeds PERC® Ultra with Performance Boosting Features

Aonix has upgraded its premiere PERC Ultra virtual machine, beefing up its performance and security features and optimizing its interface with PERC Pico, Aonix’s low-level hard real-time Java virtual machine. Now implemented in a broad range of industries—aerospace, defense, telecommunications, industrial automation and robotics—with PERC Ultra 5.1, Aonix has also deepened its RTOS support embracing a plethora of RTOSs. - April 16, 2008

Aonix Supplies Safety-Critical Java™ Virtual Machine and Real-time Expertise to DIANA

European Community Project advances use of safety-critical VM technology to develop next-generation real-time avionics platform - February 28, 2008

Aonix Releases PERC® Pico Tool Chain with Real-Time Memory Analysis Tools for Java™ Programmers

Eclipse IDE enables safe and scalable approaches to low-level Java code - February 28, 2008

QinetiQ Selects Aonix® PERC® for Taranis UAV

Stealthy MoD demonstrator relies on embedded, real-time Java™ code - February 28, 2008

Aonix® Announces Availability of the PERC® Ultra Virtual Machine for INTEGRITY®

Integration adds proven J2SE-level VM support to industry-leading secure RTOS from Green Hills Software. - February 15, 2008

Aonix Makes Great Strides in Europe

New professional service office opened in France while Germany embraces Aonix’s PERC Virtual Machine Solution. - February 09, 2008

Aonix’s ObjectAda Brings Eclipse to Sun Solaris Platforms

Eclipse enables best-selling Ada technology to better serve large project groups. ObjectAda V8.3 for Sun’s popular Solaris platforms running on SPARC and Intel processors provides a complete enterprise-level environment for the development of native Unix applications using the Ada programming language. - February 07, 2008

Eclipse Hibachi Project Unites Ada Suppliers in Common Environment

Aonix, DDC-I, CohesionForce, and other suppliers providing industry support. The Eclipse Foundation today announced the creation of a new open-source project called Hibachi. The Hibachi project provides an industrial-strength, vendor-neutral Ada integrated development environment (IDE) that also serves as a platform for other contributors to provide value-added functionality for Ada developers. - November 07, 2007

Aonix Releases Next-Generation Safety-Critical Platform

ObjectAda® RAVEN™ supports Wind River VxWorks® 653 - November 01, 2007

Aonix ObjectAda Supports Windows Vista, .Net 2005

Best selling Ada technology updated for latest Microsoft platform - August 29, 2007

Aonix PERC Selected for Next-Generation Traffic Control

German giant Signalbau Huber chooses PERC for its superior performance, Java support - August 23, 2007

Aonix Contributes Ameos UML Technology to Open Source

AMEOS Model Driven Architecture Tools Made Available Under LGPL - June 23, 2007

Aonix and Fujitsu Team Up for Japanese Real-Time Java Market

Pact to be facilitated by NTK Aviation America, Inc. - June 21, 2007

Aonix Appoints Laurent Mares as VP Sales for Europe

Mares joins Aonix after successful tenure at Thales Computers - May 20, 2007

Aonix Leads Ada Eclipse Development Tools Project Initiative

AonixADT goes open source, Offered as core technology for ADT project - April 04, 2007

Aonix Supports Nucleus OS with PERC Ultra Development and Execution Technologies

Mentor Graphics RTOS users gain access to Aonix Virtual Machine for first time - April 04, 2007

Aonix Demonstration: Java™ Roasts C in Speed Test

“All Java Code” solution featuring PERC Pico is 2x faster than Java with C - April 04, 2007

Aonix Enhances ObjectAda Real-Time and Safety-Critical Products

New features provide “no-cost” Eclipse plug-ins to Embedded Developers - February 15, 2007

Aonix Makes Hard Real-Time a Reality for Java™ Developers

PERC Pico Breaks New Ground in Speed, Size, Determinism - February 15, 2007

Aonix Shatters Ada Price Barrier for Linux

Eclipse-based ObjectAda for Linux Available with No-Cost Licensing - February 01, 2007

Aonix Signs Joint Marketing Pact With ProSyst

Aonix®, a provider of complete solutions for safety- and mission-critical applications, and ProSyst Software GmbH, a leading provider of OSGi™-compliant software to embedded Java developers, have joined forces to provide a Java-based service platform that can be remotely managed. This... - November 07, 2006

Lockheed Martin Selects Aonix PERC Virtual Machine for Aegis Weapon System

High productivity, determinism key to Aegis Open Architecture Program - October 13, 2006

Aonix PERC VM Selected for FKI Logistex BOSS Material Handling Control System HMI

Deterministic performance, quality customer support cited as key attributes - October 12, 2006

Aonix Releases ObjectAda® Real-Time RAVEN™ for PikeOS

First Safety-Critical Ada Product for Partitioned Real-Time Kernel - September 27, 2006

National Oilwell Varco Selects Aonix PERC for Java™-based Robotic Drilling

PERC performance and capabilities deemed superior to competition. - September 27, 2006

Wave7 Optics Selects Aonix PERC VM for the Trident7™ Optical Access Platform

Maturity, reliability, and functionality cited as PERC Ultra key features. - May 17, 2006

Aonix Releases PERC® Ultra Embedded VM on VxWorks 6.x

PERC release provides first VxWorks 6.x solution for embedded Java developers. - May 16, 2006

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