Aonix PERC Selected for Next-Generation Traffic Control

German giant Signalbau Huber chooses PERC for its superior performance, Java support

SanDiego, CA, August 23, 2007 --( Aonix®, the provider of the PERC product line for embedded and real-time Java developers, announced the selection of the PERC Ultra virtual machine for ACTROS, a next-generation traffic control system. Signalbau Huber GmbH, one of the industry leaders in traffic management in Germany, has chosen PERC to develop intelligent traffic control technology for expanding urban environments. The decision by Signalbau Huber follows their evaluation revealing that PERC execution speed is 500% faster than the competition. Other deciding factors included PERC’s predictable response and Java 5 library support that is critical for traffic control applications.

Signalbau Huber invests in innovative technologies designed to keep traffic in motion. PERC Ultra will be used in the next-generation ACTROS fusion. The Internet-capable ACTROS system controls the highly complex flow of high-density traffic. Signalbau Huber technology merges traffic data collection, traffic control, and traffic information into a dynamic traffic management system.

Aonix PERC technology provides the leading predictable and real-time embedded virtual machine solution used by Java developers. PERC is routinely chosen for systems requiring high reliability and elasticity, particularly in major defense, industrial automation, telecom, networking, telematics, and office automation applications. PERC Ultra features support for high productivity Java 5 Standard Edition applications within a predictable and reliable operational environment.

“Following an extensive competitive investigation, we chose Aonix PERC Ultra for our next-generation ACTROS system,” said Manfred Rosskopf, Director of Research and Development at Signalbau Huber. “PERC Ultra’s execution speed far surpassed that of competitors we examined, while also offering the most up-to-date solution for interoperability with Java 5 code.”

PERC Ultra has many competitive advantages that have made it the virtual machine of choice among mission-critical Java developers. PERC offers great flexibility to get the job done, with more execution modes, higher throughput, and better predictability than the nearest competitors. The PERC Ultra real-time garbage collection system is mature and proven through over a decade of use in critical applications worldwide, and the current PERC Ultra release supports versions of the Java JDK up to three versions more recent than competitive offerings.

“Aonix is thrilled to be working closely with Signalbau Huber, a global leader in the traffic management market and a critical German business partner,” said Winfried Schroeder, Aonix GmbH manager. “Signalbau Huber will benefit greatly from using PERC’s high reliability and high productivity capabilities, resulting in traffic control systems that not only reach market sooner, but provide better satisfaction to Signalbau Huber’s customers and users.”

The Signalbau Huber selection is one of a series of design wins for Aonix PERC by major German suppliers in markets as diverse as automotive diagnostics and television broadcast equipment.

With hundreds of thousands of deployments, PERC is the most widely used virtual machine technology for mission-critical applications. The PERC Ultra virtual machine offers rich J2SE™-based capabilities, and predictable garbage collection, while PERC Pico provides the low-level access and small latencies that are often required for “close to the silicon” applications. PERC technologies are more predictable and reliable than other Java solutions, while offering much higher productivity and lower lifetime costs compared to C/C++ applications development.

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About Signalbau Huber®
Signalbau Huber, based near Stuttgart, Germany, is a successful worldwide supplier of traffic technology systems and solutions. For more than 50 years, the company has been operating in development, manufacturing, and maintenance of traffic systems in alignment with its “Traffic in Motion philosophy”. Solutions include the ACTROS line of external signal switching technology, the energy-saving 40V LED Global signal head, and internet-capable traffic control systems. Access control is based on the innovative vehicle underside monitoring system, SecuScan. For more information, visit


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