P2P Lawsuit and Identity Theft Protection Software Now 11th Most Popular Download on CNET

Innovative software that protects P2P file sharers from lawsuits by copyright holders and identity theft due to the inadvertent sharing of private data is now the 11th most popular download on CNET's Download.com - February 27, 2010

New P2P Advertising Network Created by Protecting P2P Users Against Lawsuits, Identity Theft

Revolutionary P2P advertising network allows advertisers the first-ever ability to reach 200 million P2P file sharing users by protecting them against lawsuits and identity theft. ZapShares Inc. announced today the launch of the ZapShares Media Network, which for the first time allows advertisers... - September 02, 2009

New Study Shows Most People Unaware of Security Risks Posed by P2P File-Sharing Software

New study finds that most computer users are unaware that P2P file-sharing software is installed on their computer and do not realize that merely having the software installed can cause issues such as identity theft and lawsuits. - June 20, 2009

New Research Shows Severe National Security Threat Posed by Computer File-Sharing Networks

New research finds computers located in Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia scouring computer peer-to-peer file-sharing networks for information that could place national security at risk. - June 03, 2009

First-of-Its-Kind Solution Protects 200 Million Computer Users from Rampant Identity Theft, Lawsuits

New software offers first-ever solution to help protect 200 million P2P file-sharers from rampant identity theft and lawsuits; United States Federal Trade Commission warns about dangers of file-sharing. - May 23, 2009

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