P2P Lawsuit and Identity Theft Protection Software Now 11th Most Popular Download on CNET

Innovative software that protects P2P file sharers from lawsuits by copyright holders and identity theft due to the inadvertent sharing of private data is now the 11th most popular download on CNET's Download.com

Toronto, Canada, February 27, 2010 --(PR.com)-- ZapShares Inc. is pleased to announce that the ZapShares software is now the 11th most popular download on CNET’s Download.com in the Internet Software category. This follows a strong endorsement in a recent review by the Editors of CNET’s Download.com, which is the most popular software download site on the Internet. The CNET Editor’s review awarded ZapShares 4 stars and concluded: “We recommend this program to all users.”

The ZapShares software is completely free and the only solution available that protects people that use P2P (also known as “Peer-To-Peer”) file sharing software such as LimeWire, uTorrent, Vuze, and BitTorrent, who are at high risk of lawsuits by copyright holders and identity theft due to the inadvertent sharing of private data.

“We are not surprised that our software is now one of the most popular downloads on CNET considering that the music and movie industries have filed tens of thousands of lawsuits against P2P users,” said Bernard Trest, President of ZapShares Inc. “With an increasing number of Internet Service Providers disconnecting P2P users for sharing copyrighted materials, and the United States Federal Trade Commission warning that many P2P users are inadvertently sharing files through P2P software that exposes them to identity theft, P2P users are turning to the only solution that addresses these problems and allows them to use P2P software safely.”

The ZapShares software works in conjunction with any P2P file sharing software, and allows the user to continue downloading any files they want while protecting them against lawsuits and identity theft. P2P file sharing software automatically shares files on a user’s computer, and new files they download, with all other P2P users. Unfortunately, some of the files being shared can contain copyrighted materials, private information such as the user’s tax returns, and other sensitive data.

ZapShares creates a Secure Vault which automatically stops files that are downloaded using P2P software from being shared with other P2P users. This allows the ZapShares user to continue downloading any files they want while protecting them against costly lawsuits. ZapShares also protects the user against identity theft by alerting them about any sensitive files they are accidentally sharing with other P2P users.

“With a recent $1.9 million dollar judgment against a Minnesota woman who was sharing music files using P2P software, and the Denver Police making arrests in connection with an identity theft scheme involving the P2P program LimeWire, we expect that millions of P2P users will be using ZapShares within the next few months to protect themselves,” said Trest.

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About ZapShares Inc.
ZapShares Inc.(TM) was founded in 2008 to develop innovative security and advertising solutions for P2P file sharing networks. ZapShares offers the only solution that protects 200 million P2P file sharers from rampant lawsuits and identity theft, while giving advertisers the opportunity to reach these P2P users with their advertising message.


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