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Ispirer Launches Enterprise Database Migration for MySQL and Joins Sun Microsystems’ MySQL MECA Partner Program

Ispirer offers software to convert stored procedures and triggers from Oracle, Sybase, Informix, IBM DB2 and other databases to MySQL. - December 24, 2008 - Ispirer Systems

IPR Belarus Took Event-Partner Role at Airport Development and Operations Conference in Amsterdam

IPR Belarus, PR consulting company was stated as an event-partner of Airport development and operations conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands, scheduled for June 19-20th in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Organizer of the conference is Marcus Evans company. The conference will be dedicated to questions of... - May 29, 2008 - Institute of Public Relations (IPR Belarus)

Intellexer Summarizer Website Redesigned

EffectiveSoft has recently redesigned the website of its proprietary product Intellexer Summarizer. The process of ordering Summarizer and downloading its trial has become simpler, faster and more secure. - April 02, 2008 - EffectiveSoft, Ltd.

Helion-Prime Solutions Ltd. Now Provides Cutting Edge Content Management

New service from Helion-Prime Solutions Ltd.: CMS systems support - March 27, 2008 - Helion-Prime Solutions Ltd.

The First Meeting of the Belarus Java User Group Featured MySQL AB’s Experts with Sessions on Connector/J, MySQL Cluster, and MySQL Replication

The first meeting of the Belarus Java User Group took place February 7, 2008, in Minsk, Belarus, and featured speakers from MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database vendor. - February 16, 2008 - Apatar, Inc.

IPR Belarus Took Event-Partner Role in 4th Annual International the War for Talent in Russia and CIS Conference

IPR Belarus, PR consulting company was stated as an event-partner of 4th annual international the War for Talent in Russia and CIS conference, scheduled for January 31st— February 1st 2008 in Moscow. The conference is dedicated to HR strategies and practices in Russian and CIS companies. The... - December 15, 2007 - Institute of Public Relations (IPR Belarus)

Class A Office Space Construction in Belarus Capital Minsk to Double Next Year

Increase from 26,000 m² in 2007 to 52,000 m² in 2008, according to Colliers International Belarus - October 24, 2007 - Colliers International Southeast Europe

EffectiveSoft Announces Flex Team Formation

EffectiveSoft has staffed a professional team to develop Flex applications. - September 29, 2007 - EffectiveSoft, Ltd.

Qulix Systems Gains a New Status on Belarusian IT Market

A new status was given to Qulix Systems - closed joint stock company Qulix Systems. Registration certificate was signed by Minsk State Executive Committee on June 21, 2007 - the birthday of the company. Qulix Systems was operated as BelHard Group Corp. subdivision from June 21, 2000. From the very... - August 16, 2007 - Qulix Company

Qulix Systems Company: 7 Years of Quality

For 7 years of its existence Qulix Systems has grown up from a newbie to one of the leading software development companies in Belarus. One of the determinative driving factors for its growth was an active position in quality assurance domain of software products and innovations that were regularly... - August 16, 2007 - Qulix Company

Business Analytics Seminars in Qulix Systems

How important is knowledge over the course of your work life? Can you afford not to know? Qulix Systems' staff has found that out. - August 16, 2007 - Qulix Company

Semantic Solution for Patent Processing Presented by Effective Soft

Intellexer Summarizer can become a helpful tool for patent search, analysis and classification. - August 08, 2007 - EffectiveSoft, Ltd.

Effective Soft Releases Intellexer Summarizer as a Semantic Solution to Text Management

Effective Soft has released Intellexer Summarizer - a new desktop application intended to help PC users in managing textual information such as e-mails, Web pages, document files, etc. - August 01, 2007 - EffectiveSoft, Ltd.

Qulix SysTems at RUSSOFT 2007

Qulix Systems will be taking part in RUSSOFT Forum 2007, scheduled for June 20 - 22, 2007, Saint – Petersburg (Russia). Top- management of Qulix Systems has been always interested in obtaining and sharing outsourced software development expertise and such forums were always a valuable means... - June 17, 2007 - Qulix Company

Practical Insights into Global Outsourcing

Event description: Institute of Information Systems at the University of Hamburg and Qulix Systems company announce successful start of mutual collaboration. In period between 23rd April and 30th April there has been arranged a course of lectures and a seminar related to such topics as: Global IT outsourcing from practical point of view; Country selection, Vendor selection; Interorganizational trust in global outsourcing relations; Quality Assurance in IT within outsourcing relations. - May 27, 2007 - Qulix Company

ScienceSoft Inc. - Memeber of NOA

ScienceSoft Inc. has successfully completed the procedure of entry into National Outsourcing Association of Great Britain (NOA). This action promises to ScienceSoft a wide range of opportunities to consolidate the position in British IT-market. NOA is the oldest European outsourcing association... - April 06, 2007 - ScienceSoft

A1QA Offshore Software Testing Company at Software Development Best Practices Moscow 2007

A1QA Software Testing Company presented web security testing best practices at the Russian version of its highly-acclaimed software development conference held annually in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. - April 06, 2007 - A1QA

Scand Unveils dhtmlxCombo – Ajax Combobox with Autocomplete

Scand continues to provide developers with flexible and versatile client-side components for building rich and interactive Ajax-enabled web interfaces. This time the company released a new JavaScript combobox with autocomplete capabilities dhtmlxCombo v1.0. - March 27, 2007 - Scand LLC

Get Benefits from High Quality and Low Cost Offshore Software Development

EffectiveSoft, Ltd. (outsourcing software development services) will help your company to decrease project development efforts and duration, and thus your development cost. - January 10, 2007 - EffectiveSoft, Ltd.

The Power of Dedicated Sandbox Techniques of Unix-like Systems is Now Brought to Windows Platform by WinJail Software

WinQuota LLC announces release of a new product WinJail – Chroot / Jail implementation for Windows. The power of dedicated sandbox techniques of Unix-like systems is now brought to Windows platform by WinJail utility. WinJail utility for Windows embodies and expands chroot / Jail... - December 23, 2006 - WinQuota LLC

dhtmlxGrid v1.2: Create Feature Rich DHTML Tables with Real-Time Performance

Scand launched the new version 1.2 of its JavaScript grid control dhtmlxGrid. Enriched by new powerful features, this version allows easy creation of dynamical tables with draggable columns, multiline headers/footers, per-cell formatting and the ability to work with clipboard and load data from (or serialize to) CSV. Developers will get more new event handlers and extended script API. - December 13, 2006 - Scand LLC

dhtmlxTabbar v1.1 – New Functionality, New Possibilities to Create Rich DHTML Tab Interfaces

Scand has released the new version 1.1 of dhtmlxTabbar, simple and flexible JavaScript UI control for building tabbed interfaces. Now this Ajax-based tab bar allows developers easily create nested tabs, initialize tabbar in pure HTML without single javascript command and manage tabs layout and appearance on the fly using its script API. - November 17, 2006 - Scand LLC

New Version 1.1 of Ajax-Powered dhtmlxGrid Comes Out

Scand released version 1.1 of its Ajax-enabled JavaScript grid control dhtmlxGrid. This version lays special emphasis on grid’s possibility to handle great volumes of data, introducing such new features as paging support and smart rendering. dhtmlxGrid v1.1 also provides cell merging support, improved drag-n-drop, freezed columns and some new event handlers. - October 13, 2006 - Scand LLC

ScienceSoft Invites to Meet at Helsinki ICT Week

ScienceSoft invites you to meet them at Helsinki ICT week the main Finnish ICT event in September 26-27, 2006. - September 06, 2006 - ScienceSoft

dhtmlxTabbar - Creating Dynamic Tabbed Interface Has Never Been Easier

Scand LLC is very proud to announce its new cross-browser JavaScript component dhtmlxTabbar 1.0. This Ajax-enabled DHTML control provides quick and efficient solution for building tab style interface. It supports different tab positions, tabs scrolling and multiline tabs. - July 19, 2006 - Scand LLC

dhtmlxTree version 1.3 - Add Flexibility to Your Web Trees

Scand announced dhtmlxTree version 1.3, the most versatile JavaScript component for creating rich-featured hierarchical trees. Designed according to Ajax principles this control offers optimal solution to embed dynamic tree view in web pages. This new release introduces extended script API and significant features improvement, along with high performance and stability. - May 16, 2006 - Scand LLC

ScienceSoft Successfully Represented at TINE

End of April was marked by the only general interest ICT event in the Netherlands - TINE 2006, the Netherlands National ICT Exhibition in Amsterdam. ScienceSoft was successfully represented there by its partners Ozone (NL) and GOAL (UK). It was the only Eastern European company at the exhibition among those that were present. ScienceSoft’s software development experience and expertise were of great interest for visitors and we were able to establish valuable contacts with our potential clients. - May 13, 2006 - ScienceSoft

New DHTML Grid Control from Scand Brings Power of Ajax into Dynamic Data Tables

Scand LLC releases new cross-browser JavaScript grid control dhtmlxGrid v1.0. This DHTML component allows web developers to organize tabular data into Ajax-based dynamic tables with rich API, client-side sorting, resizable columns and other powerful features. - March 03, 2006 - Scand LLC

Belarusian Mass Media Online has recently conducted a survey of Belarusian online news sources. The survey was carried out within the month period (January 6- February, 6, 2006). 10 websites have been selected to represent various styles and approaches to online strategies, as well as different political attitudes. The major quantitative criterion was the average number of visitors per day. - March 02, 2006 - E-Belarus.ORG

Itransition Software presents IT Outsourcing Services at Cebit 2006 in Hannover

As usually Itransition team will be present at CeBIT 2006, March 9-15 in Hannover, Germany to introduce the IT Outsourcing services. - January 31, 2006 - Itransition

dhtmlxTree 1.2 - Efficient Way to Organize Data in Function-Rich Dynamic Tree View

Scand released new version 1.2 of its JavaScript tree control dhtmlxTree. The component is now XHTML compatible, has enriched functionality and provides the ability to easily integrate dynamic tree menu with different server-side technologies such as ASP.NET, Cold Fusion and JSP. - November 02, 2005 - Scand LLC

Scand LLC Releases New Customizable JavaScript Menu for Web Applications

Scand LLC announced the release of dhtmlxMenu - customizable DHTML JavaScript Menu for web-based applications and web sites. - October 06, 2005 - Scand LLC

New Version of dhtmlxTree from Scand Provides Web Developers with Comfortable Way to Create Full Featured JavaScript Navigation System for a Web Application

Scand LLC released version 1.1 of dhtmlxTree, a cross-platform JavaScript navigation component that allows web authors to organize great volume of data into XML-based dynamical tree control. This version brings new features, enriched client-side API and high stability. - July 28, 2005 - Scand LLC

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