Celerant Technology Introduces Complete Sales Tax Compliance Solution

Celerant Partners with AvaLara to Offer Celerant Tax Connect

Staten Island, NY, August 13, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Leading retail software provider, Celerant Technology, heads a new sales tax initiative with Celerant Tax Connect, powered by AvaTax. This addition, integrated within the Command Retail system, automates and simplifies the process of manually filling out tax information and provides retailers with a complete tax compliance solution. It provides accuracy, electronic filing and payment, reporting and returns, and adjusts sales tax rates based on location.
“We’re doing a great deal of work across the nation with multichannel retail businesses, including E-Commerce, mail order and brick-and-mortar. Finding a streamlined sales and use tax solution was critically important to us,” said Ian Goldman, CEO of Celerant Technology. “Partnering with Avalara brings the expertise and efficiency needed for this complex area of retail accounting.”

Celerant Tax Connect was established from a partnership between Celerant Technology and sales tax software provider, Avalara. The partnership is advantageous to businesses, both large and small, as it provides a solution that automatically identifies, calculates, records and remits sales tax transactions on a line by line basis. This automation significantly expedites the amount of time that would be spent filling out sales tax information.

“Our new sales tax tool assures the accuracy of charge tax in every jurisdiction in the country. As a result, all sales tax returns can be generated without any effort, leaving you free from the worry of sales tax audits or lawsuits,” stated Goldman. “Celerant Tax Connect also eliminates the work associated with preparing reports and documents for the regular sales tax returns that different jurisdictions require.”

The introduction of Celerant Tax Connect is another example of how Celerant Technology is continually researching and implementing new ways to enhance the many facets of its software for multichannel retail. In partnering with Avalara, Celerant Technology is able to provide a specific tax solution for the retail industry, ultimately saving time and assuring accuracy.

About Celerant Technology

Celerant’s Command Retail is an advanced real-time retail management system, which manages all areas of retail including POS, Inventory Management, Warehouse, Distribution Center, Allocation, Multi-Channel/E-Commerce/Kiosk, Data Mining, and Back-office, in a single, integrated system. Our advantage is the flexibility of our Java platform, allowing Celerant professionals to conduct cost-effective analysis and adaptation based on the individual needs of each retailer. The result is a better system that meets the needs of retail businesses and gives them the tools to take Command of their success. For additional information regarding Celerant Technology go to www.celerant.com. For more information about the Command Retail Product, please visit www.commandretail.com.

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