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Bloomington, IN, August 14, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Fiction Writer Shares Grim Story of a Troubled Youth

Book Depicts the Life of One Traumatized by Dismal Childhood Experiences

First-time novelist Charlene Gage knows how events in a child’s life—seemingly good or bad—can shape the path they take through adulthood. Although a fictional book, her novel, Wages of Sin, is based on her own traumatic childhood experience of losing her mother. Using this episode as a basis for her novel, Gage fabricated a story depicting the many pitfalls a life can take, especially as one traumatized at a young and impressionable age.

Wages of Sin is the story of single mother, Reva, who vows to not destroy her future by breaking the vicious cycle of unfortunate circumstances that started in her childhood. Enduring the pain of her mother’s murder, her father’s rejection and her grandmother’s rules, Reva rebels against all positive influences.

Struggling with the pain of an abortion as a teenager, Reva hits a downward spiral, making one bad decision after another with lack of positive influences to guide her in the right direction. While constantly trying to provide for the son she finally bears, Reva is haunted by the emotional and physical pain her choices have created.

Wages of Sin undoubtedly focuses on how abuse and neglect affect Reva over and over again. Gage provides a compelling, yet grim account of Reva’s fight for survival despite the obstacles that seem to follow her at every turn. Her life mirrors that of many women who fight racism, poverty, incest, single parenthood and drugs just to survive.

“This book displays how a child’s life, if impacted in a negative way, can ultimately affect their coping skills and decision making,” states Gage. “As adults we should be committed to protecting our children and providing positive experiences through love and guidance.”

Gage’s personal, honest writing style combined with her emotionally entangled storyline keeps readers turning the pages of this haunting drama. Her book paints a portrait of the harsh realities many face, stemming from events they may or may not have control over.

About the Author
Born in Houston, Texas, Charlene Gage lost her mother at the age of seven and was raised by her grandparents in Louisiana. Gage holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Texas Southern University and currently resides in Pearland, Texas, with her husband and two children.

ISBN: 0-595-43430-4; Published May 2008; iUniverse; Paperback $10.95; 6 x 9; 110 Pages

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