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Bloomington, IN, August 14, 2008 --(PR.com)-- American Activist Reveals Perilous, Exhilarating Journey of Truth in the Way of Gandhi.

As a cry for change ripples across America and every country in the world longing for peace, true activists challenge the masses to question what lies within rather than demand answers elsewhere. Bernie Meyer extends this invitation to break through the limitations of comfort and come to know truth in his autobiographical adventure, The American Gandhi: My Truth Seeking With Humanity at the Crossroads.

For those seeking entry into a deeper meaning of life, this book opens the door. While the experiences are personal, the lessons are universal. Meyer recounts a lifetime of service, of pushing boundaries and confronting both criticism and threats to personal security, all for the greater goal of an authentic life and the betterment of humanity.

Meyer lived the way of Mohandas Gandhi long before he was asked to portray The Father of India in conferences and classrooms throughout America and in the sage’s own homeland. The American Gandhi takes readers from Meyer’s first experiences as a rebel priest in the 1960s to his present-day renditions of Gandhi’s timeless wisdom. Along the way, Meyer shares his personal path of danger, confusion, passion and purpose as he explores what makes a human being whole¬—the expression of Gandhi’s law of love.

The American Gandhi explores the survival issues shared by humans throughout the world today—global climate change, resource depletion, neighborhood violence and the threat of nuclear war—and addresses solutions to which everyone can contribute based on Gandhi’s methods and his undying challenge: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

A veritable guide to transformation, The American Gandhi braids together three concepts essential to Meyer’s journey: Gandhi’s experimentations in a life of love and service; Ernest Becker’s work in understanding violence; and Christian teachings inherent to Meyer’s upbringing. Readers also learn of others who have pushed boundaries, from activist priests to a Freudian scholar. Like Gandhi and Meyer, these visionaries suffered ridicule and danger and came through the fire illuminated by truths discovered.

“The American Gandhi presents a clear understanding about the threats to life due to industrial society, modern weaponry, and human failure to use its creativity for the good of all,” Meyer states. “Humanity is at the crossroads due to these failures. The firm belief is that humanity is evolving and can transform itself into maturity based upon nonviolent communication and problem solving.”

Meyer offers readers a look into 43 years of truth-seeking—from his ordination into the priesthood to his role in major movements against racism, poverty and war to his portrayal of Gandhi in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and India. The result is a call to shed self-absorption and embrace personal transformation as means to end violence and elevate humanity to a new level of being.

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About the Author
Bernie Meyer began his career as a Catholic priest in Cleveland Ohio during the 1960s. In 1967 and 1968 he participated in an urban ministry program that anchored his life mission. Since then he has participated in numerous citizen interventions against war and injustice. In 1995, he turned his focus toward the study of human motivations for violence and methods in nonviolence. In 2002 he first portrayed Mohandas Karamachaud Gandhi and is now known as “The American Gandhi.” In December 2007, Meyer received an Individual Lifetime Achievement in Human Rights award for “Outstanding Achievements” from the Thurston Council on Cultural Diversity & Human Rights.

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