ZA-12 is Raising the Bar in Bearing Performance

US manufacturers go green with ZA-12 as the lead free bearing material of choice.

Maybrook, NY, August 14, 2008 --( Eastern Alloys Inc. Supplies world class zinc alloys using state of the art processing technologies. These technologies are now available for the special challenges of the forestry, mining and construction industries. The ZA-12 alloy is replacing bronze as the material of choice as it has shown outlast, outperform and is more cost saving than its material counterpart.

ZA-12 parts provide a superior service to most machines used in harsh particulate environments; such as grapples, delimbers, debarkers and excavators.

ZA-12 bearings last three to five times longer than leaded-bronze 660 bearings and display a natural lubricity which provides incomparable durability and strength. Although they are recommended for a high load low speed applications, ZA-12 parts have proven to be effective in a variety of other situations.

The conversion from bronze to zinc occurs when the manufacturer values their product as well as their customer. Zinc bearings provide a lead free, lower maintenance, lower cost alternative to the customary bronze applications.

For more information regarding your switch from bronze to zinc or simply to inquire about the impressive zinc properties available to you please contact Ryan Winter or visit their website

Eastern Alloys, Inc.
Ryan Winter