Anthony Stewart of Photoshopping4Dollars Teaches Design Beginners the Skills They Need to Start Working as High-Paid Graphic Artists in Less Than 8 Hours

Unlike any other graphic design course on the market today, the materials contained in Anthony Stewart's new Photoshop video training course Photoshopping4Dollars take complete beginners and turn them into pros in less than 8 hours.

Atlanta, GA, August 14, 2008 --( In a bold move, master graphic artist Anthony Stewart has created the first ever video training course designed to take complete design beginners and give them the skills necessary to make it as a graphic designer - all in less than eight hours. His new training course Photoshopping4Dollars is geared especially for those without design training whatsoever, and students are guaranteed to walk away with the skills needed to land a job as a graphic designer right away or their money back. Stewart takes students step-by-step through the most sought after aspects of graphic design using the industry's number one program, Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop is the most widely used program amongst graphic designers today, and most companies using in-house designers require an intimate knowledge of the program; but Photoshop is such a complex piece of software, that many new to design are intimidated to even attempt to learn. Stewart has created this course with the express purpose of simplifying Photoshop so that anyone can start designing within just hours. Liz, one of Stewart's students, says "The thing I enjoy the most about the tutorials is that it feels like the instructor was sitting right next to me, talking to me; not standing across the room talking at me through a bunch of technical babble."

The fourteen videos contained within the Photoshopping4Dollars training course are all presented in Stewart's down to earth, easy to understand manner of speaking. He breaks everything down into the most basic of terms so that viewers don't feel like they need to have a degree in technology just to keep up. "The language is not technical," says Stewart, "I speak to you in the same way I'm speaking to you right now. In fact, the language is not scripted at all. I simply talk to you in everyday terms, and explain to you all the tools you absolutely need to know."

Everything from logo creation and business card design, to flyers, t-shirts, and even website creation using Photoshop is covered. With more than 13 years experience working as a graphic artist for some of the biggest names in corporate America, leading recording artists, and the NBA, Stewart certainly has the expertise to teach students the skills they need to get started as graphic artists. The entire seven-hour training course only costs about $30, and can be completed from the comfort of a student's home; while traditional graphic design training can cost serious students thousands of dollars and hundreds of classroom hours to learn the same skills.

For more information about Photoshopping4Dollars, or to sign up for the training course, interested students should visit Anthony on the web at

Anthony Stewart