New Book from Zumaya Publications Examines Greed, Paranoia and Murder

The Little Mornings, the new novel by C.M. Albrecht examines the motives of some very dysfunctional people as well as giving the reader a behind-the-scenes look at the publishing industry.

Sacramento, CA, August 15, 2008 --( Elizabeth Burton, Editor-in-Chief at Zumaya Publications says, "We're proud to publish Mr. Albrecht's first novel. We feel it brings a new voice to America, a voice that should be heard."

In C.M. Albrecht’s novel “The Little Mornings” aging alcoholic Professor Jason Berry has written a promising book. This is wonderful news, but there's a problem: the publisher wants Berry to go on tour to promote the book, but hey, this poor guy can’t even make it to the bathroom. He has to use the empty wine jugs that litter his room. But no one knows what he looks like, so why not hire his flaky granddaughter’s boyfriend, Darcy, to take his place?

Darcy isn't completely brain-dead, and Professor Berry quickly teaches the boy the sort of things he must say and do to play the role, but unfortunately, just before the tour begins, Professor Berry is found dead in his own vomit.

Now Darcy and Berry's paranoid granddaughter, Angie, are on their own. They decide to continue with their plans and the tour begins.

But that doesn't last. Trouble comes fast and hard when Arthur Haviland shows up. He claims he wrote the book and Professor Berry stole it from him. Now Darcy has real problems, and Angie only makes things worse.

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